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My favorite time of year

It’s Oscar time! Well, not officially, but how close we are coming. Predictions are being made, and I can’t help throw in my own vote on these. I regret to say (most terribly regret) that I have no seen all of these films, and I really should have. But my opinion must be voiced on the films that I have seen.

Best Picture: 10 best pictures! are you kidding?! This is crazy! and yes, very, very overwhelming. Entertainment Weekly’s Dave Kargar predicts the following as the top 10 nominees:

An Education
The Hurt Locker
Inglourious Basterds
The Messenger
A Serious Man
Up in the Air

I wish I could say I had seen all of these fabulous films. From what I have seen, I say that (although it was a blast to watch, and classic Tarantino) Inglourious Basterds doesn’t really have a chance. Neither does the adorable, and still heart-wrenching Up. Avatar can definitely hold its own, and with its mammoth winnings at the box-office, fabulous, cutting edge animation and director’s history, I say it has a chance. The others I can’t say that I have seen. If I had to replace any of the films, I would say that some how, District 9 may very well worm its way into the list. I sure do hope so. What a perfectly calculated film.

The rest of the categories I will hold off on. Until the actual nominees have been released, I will refrain from making any guesses, etc. Because I haven’t seen the movies that I should have, I can’t definitively say which should be considered and which should not. It becomes considerably difficult with individual actors. Who knows who is better than whom, and who knows who may get the pity Oscar? Not that no one loves a pity-Oscar.

Until the nominees are released, I seal my mouth (at least concerning the Oscars).


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Rating System

I almost forget one of the most important aspects of critiquing! A system in which to summarize all that you have said for the lazy who don’t have time to read the actual review–a rating system! Okay, now a confession. I am bad with the rating systems. I would like to go with the classic one through five stars system, but one must remember that I am too generous with my stars. I usually give too many. After a director has worked that hard, and for that long on a film, how can you not give them some credit? As an aspiring director, I only hope that some day critics will be kind to me.

So, I will use a classic one through five star grading system, along with a summarizing statement which sums up everything I have said in my review. One sentence, two at the most. I promise. I’ll make it easy for the lazy ones 🙂

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I’m blue, da ba dee da ba die…

Avatar. What can I say about only one of the biggest movies of the year? It’s strange to think that a nearly three-hour long movie, in 3D about blue aliens is making some of the most money of any film this year. Amazing, right? Well, not only is it’s money being made because of it’s tantalizing prospects, and the mezmorizing figures of the aliens which run around, it is also a brilliant film.

The story is intriguing at the least. And even if you don’t like the story, or sci-fi isn’t your thing (and it definitely isn’t mine) the animation is absolutely beautiful. By the end of the movie, I wanted to have my very own avatar. Sam Worthington is most definitely worthy of praise for his performance in the film. The interesting details concerning his predicament (for instance that his legs don’t work) make the story even more realistic, and give the audience insight into the world of characters that one would think you don’t have anything in common with. All aspects of film stories are involved. It is no formula film. Adventure, romance, drama, this movie has all of it. Although the ending was a bit too clean and neat for my tastes (I’m a little more of a nitty-gritty, sadistic kind of person) the rest of the film truly made up for it’s fairy-tale ending (typical of it’s Titanic director).

What I really can say about this movie is that it kept me interested throughout it’s entirety (which trust me, was no short run). Beautiful animation, and a good cast make this one of the must see movies of the year. It’s got my vote for Best Picture!

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“Watson, what have you done?”

Well I don’t know what Watson has done, but Guy Ritchie sure has done something great! Going into a movie with expectations high is never quite good. Of course it’s good to be excited, but all the more opportunity to be disappointed by what you thought you would love. Holmes didn’t disappoint. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law are near perfection in this fast paced, witty drama. Written beautifully, Holmes and Watson are both perfectly in character. Downey is fast, witty, and just crazy enough to aptly portray Holmes brilliant yet insane mind. Different from the original Holmes, of which I am quite fond, Watson is no longer the bumbling idiot he was. Law portrays him as faithful companion, Holmes more reasonable and organized half.

The plot is iffy, not terrific. Although no major holes appear (at least that I could find), it’s mysticism and magic enabled the audience to not only understand that all of the villains tricks were really that, tricks, but took away from Holmes brilliance by this act. The script made up for it though.

Although I am a huge fan of Rachel McAdams, I found her character to be superfluous and unnecessary. Although the romantic interest between her and Downey didn’t bother me, her dialogue was poorly written, and her American accent stuck our sorely among the quick tongued Brits. Holmes relationship to her made sense, and their banter was understandably in character, despite it’s awkwardness. I did enjoy her bright-colored outfits among the dreary colors of an old-time London.

Among the beautiful sets, Downey and Law made a beautiful script come to life. A fun, fast paced feature was more than enjoyable to watch. The sequel should be coming soon. I only hope Downey returns, crazy and all.

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Why, hello!

I’m not a very good blogger, we’re just going to get that out there. I hope to fill this blog with reviews of films, new and old, of books, new and old, of adventures that I have had, with poems that have caught my eye and pictures from journeys I have been on. I hope that it is enjoyable, and also kind of useful. But eh, there are too many useful things in this world. Perhaps this will be just a flourish 🙂

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