I’m blue, da ba dee da ba die…

Avatar. What can I say about only one of the biggest movies of the year? It’s strange to think that a nearly three-hour long movie, in 3D about blue aliens is making some of the most money of any film this year. Amazing, right? Well, not only is it’s money being made because of it’s tantalizing prospects, and the mezmorizing figures of the aliens which run around, it is also a brilliant film.

The story is intriguing at the least. And even if you don’t like the story, or sci-fi isn’t your thing (and it definitely isn’t mine) the animation is absolutely beautiful. By the end of the movie, I wanted to have my very own avatar. Sam Worthington is most definitely worthy of praise for his performance in the film. The interesting details concerning his predicament (for instance that his legs don’t work) make the story even more realistic, and give the audience insight into the world of characters that one would think you don’t have anything in common with. All aspects of film stories are involved. It is no formula film. Adventure, romance, drama, this movie has all of it. Although the ending was a bit too clean and neat for my tastes (I’m a little more of a nitty-gritty, sadistic kind of person) the rest of the film truly made up for it’s fairy-tale ending (typical of it’s Titanic director).

What I really can say about this movie is that it kept me interested throughout it’s entirety (which trust me, was no short run). Beautiful animation, and a good cast make this one of the must see movies of the year. It’s got my vote for Best Picture!


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  1. Julia gets credit for the title. 🙂 She was singing it all morning.

    I’m not even into sci-fi at all, but your post made me want to see the movie! Nice job.

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