My favorite time of year

It’s Oscar time! Well, not officially, but how close we are coming. Predictions are being made, and I can’t help throw in my own vote on these. I regret to say (most terribly regret) that I have no seen all of these films, and I really should have. But my opinion must be voiced on the films that I have seen.

Best Picture: 10 best pictures! are you kidding?! This is crazy! and yes, very, very overwhelming. Entertainment Weekly’s Dave Kargar predicts the following as the top 10 nominees:

An Education
The Hurt Locker
Inglourious Basterds
The Messenger
A Serious Man
Up in the Air

I wish I could say I had seen all of these fabulous films. From what I have seen, I say that (although it was a blast to watch, and classic Tarantino) Inglourious Basterds doesn’t really have a chance. Neither does the adorable, and still heart-wrenching Up. Avatar can definitely hold its own, and with its mammoth winnings at the box-office, fabulous, cutting edge animation and director’s history, I say it has a chance. The others I can’t say that I have seen. If I had to replace any of the films, I would say that some how, District 9 may very well worm its way into the list. I sure do hope so. What a perfectly calculated film.

The rest of the categories I will hold off on. Until the actual nominees have been released, I will refrain from making any guesses, etc. Because I haven’t seen the movies that I should have, I can’t definitively say which should be considered and which should not. It becomes considerably difficult with individual actors. Who knows who is better than whom, and who knows who may get the pity Oscar? Not that no one loves a pity-Oscar.

Until the nominees are released, I seal my mouth (at least concerning the Oscars).


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