“Watson, what have you done?”

Well I don’t know what Watson has done, but Guy Ritchie sure has done something great! Going into a movie with expectations high is never quite good. Of course it’s good to be excited, but all the more opportunity to be disappointed by what you thought you would love. Holmes didn’t disappoint. Robert Downey Jr. and Jude Law are near perfection in this fast paced, witty drama. Written beautifully, Holmes and Watson are both perfectly in character. Downey is fast, witty, and just crazy enough to aptly portray Holmes brilliant yet insane mind. Different from the original Holmes, of which I am quite fond, Watson is no longer the bumbling idiot he was. Law portrays him as faithful companion, Holmes more reasonable and organized half.

The plot is iffy, not terrific. Although no major holes appear (at least that I could find), it’s mysticism and magic enabled the audience to not only understand that all of the villains tricks were really that, tricks, but took away from Holmes brilliance by this act. The script made up for it though.

Although I am a huge fan of Rachel McAdams, I found her character to be superfluous and unnecessary. Although the romantic interest between her and Downey didn’t bother me, her dialogue was poorly written, and her American accent stuck our sorely among the quick tongued Brits. Holmes relationship to her made sense, and their banter was understandably in character, despite it’s awkwardness. I did enjoy her bright-colored outfits among the dreary colors of an old-time London.

Among the beautiful sets, Downey and Law made a beautiful script come to life. A fun, fast paced feature was more than enjoyable to watch. The sequel should be coming soon. I only hope Downey returns, crazy and all.


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  1. Daniella

    YES. i am so relieved! i cant wait to see this, but its not out till the 7th here =[. But i trust you, wife!

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