Is it getting HAWT in here?!

So, I was thinking about adding a new feature to my posts! Since there are thousands, probably millions of reviews one can read of every single movie ever on the internet, I thought I would spice up my reviews a bit. In addition to the actual review (which will be entirely serious, because I love film, etc) I will be adding a watchability factor section.

Now, I’m not talking about how watchable the movie is as a whole, nothing about the plot or how boring or not boring it is. This “watchability” will concern how hot the screen is. For example, in the movie Dark Knight, I would say that Christian Bale is the watchability factor.

Any thoughts on this? If it’s silly, I will remove it, but I think it’s a fun little way to distinguish my blog from all of the other boring reviews out there.

I would LOVE to hear opinions! So, everybody, let me know!


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