Moving Forward

As 2009 has ended, and 2010 begins, I am looking forward to all of the films that are yet to come! Here is a list of movies that I am specifically excited for in the new year:

Alice in Wonderland – A Tim Burton creation, I have always been a fan of this quirky director. With a great cast including Johnny Depp, Helena Bonham Carter, Alan Rickman and more, this movie is sure to be at least interesting. It’s intriguing systems of animation make this movie innovative for the industry. With an unknown playing Alice, who knows what will happen when we jump down the rabbit hole.

Sex and the City 2 – Now, I know what you’re thinking. This movie is going to be crap. In all, reality, it probably will. But who can resist Charlotte’s unfailing romantic thinking, Miranda’s sarcasm, Carrie’s insights into life, and most of all Samantha’s sexual rampages. As the girls travel to Morocco, I just can’t wait for the fun, the romance, and most of all, the shoes. Click here for a long awaited preview.

Iron Man 2 – What’s with this girl and sequels? Well, I promise you, I am not all about the sequels, in fact I’m usually not about them at all. But in this case, Robert Downey Jr. is irresistible as the rock star super hero Iron Man. I can’t help but completely fall in love with his witty antics and bad-ass sense of heroism. With Scarlett Johanson and Mickey Rourke as villains, it’s bound to have some redeeming qualities.

Shutter Island As I share a birthday with Martin Scorsese I have always felt a certain connection with this fantastic director. I never used to like Leonardo Di Caprio as an actor, until he gave up his hearth throb roles and finally began to act. Since I enjoyed his performances so much in the past Scorsese film The Departed and in one prior Blood Diamond, I expect good things from his performance in this upcoming thriller.

Harry Potter 7: Part I there are simply no words for why I am inexplicably excited for the Harry Potter films. Usually disappointed, criticizing these films has been one of my favorite past times for the past years. When these films stop, the Harry Potter franchise truly has ended and I will miss it dearly.  Thank God they split it into two parts. Coming out two days after my birthday, I am sure I will be forced to celebrate my turning 18 with Harry Potter. Let the magic begin!

As more movies are announced, I’ll be updating my thoughts on what I think they’ll be, and after they’re released on what they really were. Look forward to upcoming reviews on all of the exciting films in 2010!



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2 responses to “Moving Forward

  1. We’re going to see HP 7 together. It’s official. I’m ridiculously excited for it!

  2. Daniella

    well i get to celebrate coming of age (in the wizarding world) on that day…i think i win.

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