The Blindside

To be honest, I was trying to see Up In The Air last night when the times didn’t work out and I went to go see this movie. Not my first pick, but not a bad watch all the same.

Starring Sandra Bullock and Quinton Aaron, the movie follows a predictable rags-to-riches story line. Michael Oher (Aaron) is a poor black kid, never able to keep his grades up, born to a drug-addicted mother, in and out of foster homes his entire childhood. Finding his way to a white, private school in Memphis because of his sports ability, he is spotted by the tough and sassy, yet warm-hearted Leigh Anne Tuoy (Bullock) who takes him in and helps him through school, with his past and helps him to get to his future.

Despite the predictablitity of the film, there are some lovely shots in it. Very professionally done, there are a few scenes depicting poverty that really hit heart. When Oher isn’t even able to wash his clothes, and uses the sink at the laundrymat, the realization of things we take for granted hits quite suddenly. Oher’s drug-addicted mother almost makes you bawl, and the shame she feels for her habit is utterly devastating.

Bullock gives a great performance as the no-kidding-around-I’m-getting-my-way rich mother of two, who adopts Michael. Overall, a very inspiring story. Not really my kind of thing, but true to form and watchable. A nice movie for a bored Saturday night.

Rating: 3/5 stars

Overall: A very pleasant, predictable story. Professionally done, with some great scenes, but overall a little cheesy and boring.


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