Featured Actor… Paul Newman

Since watching movies takes much more time than I have on my hands, but this is a film blog, I’ve decided to add a new feature to it. I will choose a featured actor and write little blurbs about great movies they’ve been in! This time, I’ve decided to choose Paul Newman, since my friend and I were just discussing him, and he’s a fantastic actor.So, here goes!

The Hustler 1961, this film is about a Eddie Nelson (Newman) a small time pool hustler who tries to take on the big time. With disastrous results the first time, he comes back to face “Minnesota Fats” to triumph in the second round. This film is wonderfully acted, and beautifully directed. The shots are terrific, and Newman is a genius. Watching an amazing performance of a fall from grace in a scarcely crowded pool room is only one of the many great performances given by Newman in this film.

Cool Hand Luke 1967, the story of a man who ends up in a rural prison, there isn’t much to say about the story without giving it away. Desperately sad, with a brilliant performance from George Kennedy, Newman’s supporting actor, this film is devastating and fantastic. Be sure to grab your tissues.

The Sting 1973, as an older man in this one starring with Robert Redford, this film is about a couple of conmen trying to revenge murder. Set in the 1930s, it’s a beautiful set piece. The music is really fun, and sets a great mood for this pre-Ocean 11s con-movie.

Other Famous Newman Films:

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid

Cat on a Hot Tin Roof


What Not To See With Newman:

The Color of Money, 1986 a sequel to the great The Hustler, this film doesn’t compare. Beginning well and slowly unraveling, the film isn’t even worth watching.

Paul Newman was an amazing actor, who unfortunately passed away September 28th, 2008. A tragic loss for the film industry. Fortunately, his films still are around today so we can watch him whenever we need to remember what great acting really is.


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