What’s hangin’ braaah?

Following yesterday’s little beach tangent, I’ve decided to follow up with a post concerning some of my favorite beach and surfer movies. Usually these movies aren’t fine, just plain fun.

Point Break 1991, this movie stars Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze. A tale involving cobs, the president robbers and the greatest storm ever, this movie is all over the place. Fast paced and with great surfing and beach shots, as well as some great shots of them skydiving, this movie makes up in imagery what it lacks in acting.

Blue Crush 2002, starring Kate Bosworth, this movie is both a surfer flick as well as a chick flick. About girl power and all of that, it’s a cute film with some beautiful scenery.

Into the Blue 2005, starring Jessica Alba and Paul Walker. I don’t really remember the plot of this movie, but who  cares when Walker is half naked and the beaches are on the edge of gorgeous?

So, the next time you’re feeling a punch of SAD during the winter, or you just need to watch someone surf to remind yourself how crazy it is, and you’re never going to try it (I did once, and I don’t quite recommend it), make sure to turn to one of these films. No matter if the plot is horrible, or the acting is awful. There are half naked men, women in bikinis, and beautiful beaches to be seen!


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