I don’t know about the rest of the country, but here in Needham, it is vacation week! For those of you who plan on hunkering down at home and getting some zzz’s, here’s a list of fun movies to watch that won’t strain your brain.

Mean Girls 2004 “If you’re from Africa, why are you white?” Really, after those classic words, what more do you need?

Cluelesss 1995 added at the request of a friend, this movie personally makes me laugh. I’m not a huge fan, but it’s very true that this movie won’t come near to straining your intellectual capacity. Although, after Britanny Murphy’s death, this movie seems a little bit more erie than it ever has…

What Women Want 2000 This movie is one of my favorites from the (late and nearly not) 90s, (though it is still very much a 90s movie). Mel Gibson (although crazy in real life) never really bothered me on stage, and in this comic performance, I actually like him a lot. Even though it’s got a cheesy ending, and all of that, the premise is cute, and actually done well. Definitely generates laughs!

The Parent Trap 1998 I’ve seen this movie more than a dozen times, and it just never gets old! Lindsay Lohan is still adorable, the music is quirky and cute, and their handshake on the dock is simply irresistible! In addition, the sunny California scenes might pep us all up a bit during the Februrary Break.

Singin’ In The Rain 1952 Really anything with Gene Kelley in it is okay with me, but this one is particularly charming. Donald O’Conner is hilarious, and Kelley’s dancing is superb. If this is your cup of tea, I highly recommend An American In Paris, featuring Gershwin’s 20s tunes. Absolutely fantastic.

Hope you find some solace in any of these laid-back favorites. What are your vacation faves?


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  1. You got my favorite movies! Thanks for this post!

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