Happy Valentine’s Day!

In honor of the romantic holiday, I’m going to fill you in on some of my favorite romance films. Some are silly, some serious, and some just plain romantic. Let me know your favorites!

When Harry Met Sally 1989 starring Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan, this movie is one of my absolute favorites (romance movies or otherwise). The tale of two people who meet, and then encounter each other in different ways over times, their relationship changing, it’s funny and sweet. One of the cutest love stories I’ve ever seen.

Pride and Prejudice 2005 I am a personal fan of the newer version of this film, but the older version (starring Colin Firth) is also quite good. The more recent film starring Keira Knightley, the cinametography is absolutely beautiful. The score is stunning, and can move me to tears by itself. The acting is good. Although a little slow, the scenery is aboslutely gorgeous, and the ever so subtle nature of Jane Austen’s writing comes through in this classic story.

Love Actually 2003 Although the plot revolves around Christmas, this film is first and foremost a love story. The film follows the paths of a variety of different stories, all intertwined. Starring some great actors (including Emma Thompson, Liam Neeson, Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, and many others), this story is devestatingly sad while being extremely touching and hopeful at the same time. Once again, the score is brilliant.

Casablanca 1942 As cliche as it might be, I can not help be swept away the romance between the timeless Humphrey Bogart and the exquisite Ingrid Bergman. Containing some of the most famous film lines of all time, this movie is a true classic.

Some Like It Hot 1959 This movie starring Jack Lemon, Tony Curtis and Marilyn Monroe is absolutely fantastic. It’s hilarious, it’s got some great music, it’s got Marilyn and it’s romantic. It’s got everything. You simply have to fall in love with the charmingly ridiculous story.

Let me know some of your favorite romantic movies! And I hope everyone has a lovely Valentine’s Day :]


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