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What a comeback.

So, I haven’t blogged in years. And since I believe in the blogingsphere, one year is equivalent to a human week, that is actually quite an accurate statement. I hope that after my school’s April vacation I’ll be able to blog a lot more. The end of a HUGE term schoolwork-wise, I believe my school work load will lighten up and I’ll be able to get back to rambling on about film. In the meantime, I’ve done some searching and found some other great movie blogs that you should check out to supplement your need for daily movie news. Of course, none of them can compare to my own succulent thoughts about movies, but I guess they’ll have to do for the time being.

For the classic film lover:

Not exactly a, get to the point right away sort of blog, it’s more like reading a bunch of chapters of a movie novel, but for those interested in classic film it’s actually really interesting. If you’re looking for more than the quip about a film, this is a good read for a chunk of time.

For the overweening critic:

This blog is actually really funny. It’s not really an opinion blog, and to be honest I find it too harsh to really take seriously, but it’s humorous if you’re interested in building a terrific argument against your most hated film.

For the movie goer:

Okay, so this isn’t really a blog, but it’s a GREAT resource for all those who need to get out to watch a movie. It’s a collective of a ton of different reviews of the film by actual critics, and in audition, has a poll of those regular-Joes, folks just like you and me, and whether they liked the movie or not. It’s a great face-quip website, which some snippits of information, and an overall opinion statement (much like this blog right here).

For the ADHD Blog Reader:

This blog is a collection of other articles from all over the web. Great for those who get bored with reading one writing style for too long, and who want a bunch of second opinions.

For the blog reader who just wants a great blog:

This blog isn’t anything in particular, it’s just kind of a mash up of everything. Easy to read, really visual, nicely written, it’s really just a fantastic blog overall (don’t get too attached. I’m coming back soon too you know).

For those just want reviews:

Just a straight film blog. Has a little bit of news thrown in there, but is mostly a blog full of movie reviews for those who want all of the other unnecessary crap cut out.

Well, those are just some suggestions. I’ve read all of these for at least three days, but if you want to look at some others (that I haven’t personally reviewed) THIS site is great. Just remember folks, I’m coming back in a few short weeks. We’re taking a break, but we are not breaking up.


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Singer, or actor? Or both?

This post features musicians or singers who have also appeared or starred in films. These will be good movies that they’re appeared in, but if you look around you can find plenty of bad ones.

From Here to Eternity 1953 Starring Burt Lancaster and Montgomery Clift, it also features Frank Sinatra. Sinatra is actually a talented actor, an interesting figure in popular entertainment. The film is excellent — a World World II story leading up to the bombing of Pearl Harbor. The movie has a few different storylines, making it much more interesting to watch. The acting is great, and while we’re just finishing Oscar season we might mention that it won best picture in 1954.

Fight Club 1999 Starring Edward Norton and Brad Pitt, it features Meatloaf as a pretty major character. This is one of my favorite movies of all time. A story of masculinity and insanity, every other line is a brilliant maxim–a sweeping statement about the condition of life and the people in it. While it is violent, it’s twists and turns surprise and shock you, and while it does present a rather cynical view on the world, it’s one which is so beautifully examined you can’t help but wish to start your fight club if only to live in the glory of what was created in this film.

The Prestige 2006 Starring Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman. I feel as though I am betraying my own movie morals by putting this on the list—when this film came out, The Illusionist starring Ed Norton had just come out, and that film, which is quite similar to this, I much prefer and think is overall a far superior film to this one, but, David Bowie is in this film and not the other. The story of competing magicians, the plot gets a little convoluted at times, yet is still interesting. And who can resist Christian Bale?

Some Like It Hot 1959 I’ve already mentioned this movie in a previous post, but since Marilyn Monroe is the love interest, I have to mention it. I think that Marilyn is simply fabulous, and so her being in any movie makes it infinitely better! This movie is fantastic to begin with, with Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon (see earlier blog post).

In these films these musicians don’t sing (with the exception of Marilyn), but let me know your favorite movies with sings! Even if it’s a musical starring a famous singer (Like Beyonce in Dream Girls) tell me!

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And the winner goes to…

I’m embarrassed that I kind of dropped the ball on the Oscars a little bit. But, now that I have time I will share all of my opinions on everything!

Because I’m lazy I will not type up a list of the winners for you, but here is a link that will you to them: click!

Also, I read a review of the show which I almost completely agreed with, so I will share that with you as well: click!

Although The Hurt Locker won best picture, etc, I actually was rooting for Avatar. Who cares if the story line was unoriginal, it was beautiful and touching. I absolutely loved it, and thought it should’ve won, besides the fact that it did get a little too much pre-Oscar hype.

I thought that Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin were very funny–the two of them together was far better than most hosts by themselves. Although Neil Patrick Harris’ little skit at the beginning was a little odd, I’ll forgive it. It was cute and peppy.

Now, no use reminiscing about the movies themselves, since those are done and gone with–who’s won has won, and who’s lost has lost, but fashion, this is an important topic!

Best Dressed

Kate Winslet — This dress is stunning on her. Her hair is perfect, the dress is the perfect mix of modernity and classic, and the fit is outstanding. The only critique I have is that her necklace is a little low for the dress, but we’ll forgive you Kate.

Penelope Cruz –there really is nothing to say. Has she ever worn anything that has been less than extravagant?

Rachel McAddams — this dress’ watercolor feel is what pushes it from pretty to beautiful. Although some might get lost in the shapelessness of the bottom, the fit of the top allows her to keep her figure, while still seeming as free flowing as the dress is. Gorgeous!

Carey Mulligan — her new hair is fun and cute, and so is this dress! It’s the perfect mix of young and sophisticated. I love the gems in the front, and the opening to let her shoes shine through is perfect. One should always accentuate their shoes.


Zoe Saldana — I’m not really sure where to start. Should we begin with the too many sparkles on the top and work our way down, or begin with the too many levels of atrocious fabric in strange shades of purple and work back up to the top? This dress is completely wrong. The material at the bottom is hideous, and the shoes don’t do her any good.

Sarah Jessica Parker — I don’t really like Jessica Parker, although I am a huge Sex in the City fan, but I do admire her fashion experiments. This one though blew up in her face instead of soothing down to a nice consistency. The yellow doesn’t match her skin tone, and the decorations on the dress are too heavy for frame, they end up hanging down instead of staying still. The fit is all wrong–this was one fashion don’t. I don’t think Ms. Carrie Bradshaw would’ve approved!

Charlize Theron — I love Theron, I think she’s gorgeous and that she’s a great actress, but Ms. Theron, what is with the boob mitts? It’s atrociously distracting! While I feel as though I should be looking at your face, my eyes are being pulled down, away from what I should be looking at! I’m sorry but you’re supposed to put the padding on the inside of your dress.

Diane Kruger — I have never seen Ms. Kruger in an outfit I would’ve worn. I don’t know why, but she has the worst fashion taste of any actress I’ve ever seen. There simply is no way to put it (did we all see her at the Golden Globes? case in point). This dress is awkward, hangs wrong, and simply doesn’t do anything for her. It makes Tarantino look good –and we all know his fashion sense is like his directing –playful, and yet still frightening.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the transformation from a film blog into a fashion blog for a day! Let me know what you thought of Oscar fashion. Also, if anyone has any ideas for a post they’d like, let me know and I’d be happy to oblige!


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