Well… this is embarassing…

I have not blogged in a very long time. As you can probably tell. But, I am determined to get back into the swing of things! First of all, with my busy life and hectic schedule I have not even been able to imagine watching a movie, much less reviewing it. (Okay, so I did see Iron Man 2. Sue me). But better than a movie review is movie speculation!! As summer nears, so does summer movie hype and I am so excited to share my thoughts on the up-coming summer flicks with you!

Sex and the City 2 — I think that when I first started blogging there was hype of this film and finally it is becoming a reality! Okay, fine, be a snob while you think to yourself that Sex and the City isn’t “quality” and that a sequel is even worse, but that isn’t the point of SATC! What IS the point is the great friendship between the four girls–Carrie’s romances, Charlotte’s idealism, Miranda’s sarcasm and Samantha’s sex. Oh yeah, did I mention the shoes?

Prince of Persia — I think this movie looks awful, but it will definitely be interesting. Can Jake Gyllenhaal pull off the manly, Russel Crowe type role that he’s going for in this movie? From the look of his hair in the previews, no, but we shall see.

Killers — This also looks awful (this seems to be a theme, right?) but I really like Katherine Heigl (some say I look like her) and I’ll be interested to see if she can make a film that doesn’t make me want to vomit.

The A-Team — This film interests me because it doesn’t have a headliner. Starring four marginally famous men, it’s interesting that there is no Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt and how they want it to work. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out, and who will take the reigns. Maybe one of these guys could be the next Brad Pitt? (except Liam Neeson. I think we’re a little past that…)

Toy Story 3 — If you don’t look forward to this movie, you don’t have a child hood because you obviously aren’t feeling reminiscent of the first one. That’s all.

Knight and Day — I don’t know anything about this movie except it was filmed in Boston last summer, which is always fun.

Inception — Huge Chris Nolan person, and recently I’ve been getting into Leo a little more, so hopefully this will be good. The preview reveals nearly nothing, which I find is actually better. Nothing is spoiled. no false expectations. Looking forward to this one.

Dinner for Shmucks — Love Paul Rudd (I mean, I Love you Man was fantastic) and Steve Carrel is great on the Office, so besides the fact that I’ve never seen Steve Carrel in a movie role I’ve enjoyed and the preview really isn’t that great,  I really hope it exceeds expectation. Actually, the ad is pretty funny. Not gonna lie. (Oh and the bearded guy from the Hangover is in it).

So that’s really it for right now. As the months come and go I’m hoping to see the movies, do some reviews, do a better list, but for right now that’s all I got. If you go here! you can look at the list more closely and see ads for all of these movies.


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  1. Knight & Day was filmed right outside my dad’s office, which was pretty cool.

    Honestly, the only one I’m interested in seeing on the list is SATC 2, because how can that not be fabulous?

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