Featured Actor: James Stewart

Today is Jimmy Stewart’s birthday! And in honor of this day, I thought I would feature him since he’s a fantastic actor. So, shall we go in chronological order?

It’s a Wonderful Life — In my house this is a Christmas staple. Always is this watched during the Holiday season, and although over the years we’ve discovered some flaws, overall it really is a fantastic movie. Stewart gives a simply moving performance. Despite the kind of tacked-on happy ending, it’s really quite a sad story. The father of some classic scenes (lassoing the moon) it’s a classic and an all time favorite of mine. Just remember that every time a bell rings, an angel gets his wings!

The Shop Around the Corner — This movie is kind of a hidden gem. The story of two lovers who connect through snail-mail in Budapest, it’s a really cute story. There are some really touching moments, while it’s also light-hearted at points. It’s a great watch, a classic Stewart role.

Harvey — To be honest I haven’t seen this film in quite some time, but I remember loving it! The tale of a man with an imaginary bunny named Harvey, I remember it being quite funny. A definite classic. A must-add to your Netflix list.

Rear Window –Some of you might recognize the story line from the recent movie Disturbia, only it’s about a billion times better. This film is great. As Stewart watches from his back window the lives of his neighbors, he witnesses… well, what exactly does he witness? A Hitchcock staple as well as a Stewart classic, this movie kills two birds with one stone.

Vertigo — Also a Hitchcock classic, this movie really is just one of those staples of American film. Not that this has anything to do with the film, but I remember while watching it that Stewart’s features, for whatever reason, give the appearance of being in a painting–his blue eyes and graying hair so very pastelled that they seem as if painted. Not really relevant, just interesting.The story is really interesting, compelling and creepy in a way only Hitchcock can me.

The Flight of the Pheonix — The startling tale of a plane that crashes in the Sahara Desert and the survivors plans to escape, I also haven’t seen this one recently (I can’t have watched them all recently, who do we think I am?). But I remember it being really interesting, and as you can tell, I’m a big Stewart fan.

Although I’ve only seen these (….which yeah, I’ll admit is a lot) there are a lot of other great Jimmy Stewart films. If you click here! you can get a full list! I just thought I’d help you out by pulling out the goodies 🙂 I think I’m officially back to blogging to look forward to some consistent posts from me in the weeks to come. I hope you’re all excited for the summer movie season because I am!


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