Lost and Found Again

I wrote this post after coming home from Washington DC in April. I thought it had been lost in space, but now I’ve found it again! So, enjoy a delayed post that’s theme drifts away from movies and more into fashion. I promise I’ll head back towards cinema tomorrow.

I know I’ve kind of been drifting away from movies recently, but I promise that after the vacation I will most likely drift back towards that trend. Right now, it’s vacation, and it is just much too exciting to blog about movies! (In addition, I’ve been so busy I haven’t actually see any lately, so that would be another limiting factor…)

I just returned from Washington DC on a trip with my school’s music department–a BEAUTIFUL city, absolutely amazing. One of my favorite days was wandering through various Smithsonian museums, especially the Museum of American History where there is currently an exhibit of first lady’s inaugural gowns! Absolutely fantastic. Because I thought it was so great, I wanted to run through a couple of my favorites (and not so favorites) as a fun little extra blog post. Here we go!

Of course, the dress that inspired the whole collection in the first place, Michelle Obama’s. We all know that Mrs. Obama has been a fashion icon ever since her entry into the White House, and this dress was definitely one of her most defining moments. Elegant, yet a little edgy, the dress was ravishing on her. What a way to enter the presidency!

Jaqueline Kennedy, another White House fashion icon, always looked stunning. The dress hung a little awkwardly on the mannequin, but on her, it was simply stunning. I don’t think anything could look bad on Mrs. JFK!

I never really knew anything about Nancy Reagan’s fashion, but now I know that she had at least one great outfit! Her gown, one shouldered, lacy and sequined, was absolutely fantastic. I would wear that in a heartbeat!

In contrast to the ravishing dresses mentioned above, we have some of the lesser quality fashion choices. Lady Bird Johnson’s dress was so yellow that you might have mistaken her for a canary! I’m surprised that Lyndon didn’t have to put his sunglasses on to dance with his wife that evening.

Pat Nixon followed similarly in Mrs. Johnson’s steps, with a very, very yellow dress. Mrs. Nixon’s choice was improved minutely by a very detailed, sequined top, but overall, this dress was a mistake! Too bad Pat didn’t move away from Lady Bird’s fax paux.

Barbara Bush’s dress was altogether a mystery to me. To be honest, it appears as if someone took one of my dresses from kindergarten and simply blew it up to fit a grown woman. Sorry Barbara, but leave the blue velvet, puffy sleeves, bow ties and bad drapery to the five year olds!

Some dresses I’m entirely undecided upon. For example, Hilary Clinton’s dress had redeeming qualities, such as it’s purple color, lace and sequins, yet, it’s cut is awkward and the belt in the middle does no one any favors. Though, for Clinton (and I’m a huge fan of Mrs. Clinton) I think it was a step in the right direction, so I ultimately give this dress thumbs up.

Rosalynn Carter’s dress also is a bit baffling. A nice blue color, the dress is definitely different. It has some nice blue and gold colors, and the cut of it is interesting if anything, but I’m not sure I’m in love. This one I can’t give an ultimate decision.

(Yeah  I know, I know, the mannequin is creepy, but so is Mrs. Carter, so we’ll just have to deal).

Well that’s it for this post. I apologize for the delay and the extremely off topic subject matter but seeing as the only movies I watched when I was in D.C. were School of Rock and Monty Python’s Holy Grail (which, don’t get me wrong, is EXCELLENT, but I’ve seen about a million times, if not more) I decided to head away from film for a second and to head towards another interest of mine–fashion!

Remember, if you have any requests, let me know. Always trying to think of new things to blog about 🙂


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