How Rude

One of my good friends has a blog (which is fabulous and if you click here! you can see it and be addicted just like I am), and today a certain person posted quite a rude comment on one of her posts. To be honest, I find this kind of behavior repulsive! I know that people are allowed to have opinions and that it’s okay if you don’t like someone’s blog that’s completely fine with me, but you don’t have to be rude about it.

Here is my rule of thumb for the internet. Pretend you are talking to this person in person. If you would say what you’re going to post to their face, go ahead! Constructive criticism is okay too–that is totally fine, because I would tell someone how to improve to their face, but I would NOT be blatantly rude to them because that is socially unacceptable and mean. Just because you don’t have to see them when you’re talking to them doesn’t mean that they won’t be upset. And it also doesn’t meant that you anymore of a good person by yelling at someone online, in fact, it makes you kind of an awful person because you hide behind your screen, now having to deal with the consequences. So please, if you plan to comment on my blog, or anyone else’s, I can’t stop you from doing what you’re going to be, but please be considerate and try to follow my simple rule of thumb. It really just makes everyone feel better in the end 🙂


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  1. fabulous. thank you for both reminding me of “netiquette” (a dorky word I learned in fifth grade, oh my) and also referring me to Alex’s blog. congrats on getting so many hits on your blog today, it’s a great feeling, isn’t it? 🙂

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