Sex and the City 2

There is no better way to start off this post than with a picture. Tonight, a dear blog-reader of mine (:)) and myself, ventured out to see Sex and the City 2. This post is written with the biggest bias ever. Just a warning.

So, this isn’t really a review. It’s more of a … montage. To be honest, the movie was kind of boring. Nothing happened. All the characters end up where they are, and Smith Jared was in it far too little. But, oh man was it fabulous. Carrie’s shoes were magnificent, Charlotte’s idealism was extravagant (almost to the point of annoyance), Miranda’s sarcasm was as poignant as ever, and Samantha… well, Samantha’s sex was just as loud as it’s ever been.

To be honest, it’s one of those films in which quality doesn’t matter. Once you’re a Sex and the City fan, all you want is more of the girls. More of their predictable personalities, and most of all, more of their clothes.

So, I’m ditching the stars and the blah, pretentious crap I usually dish out (haha yes, I do know what I sound like when I do reviews, but I enjoy it). There’s an 80 flashback. Do I really need to say more?

(My favorite part of Samantha’s picture is the ripped guy in green shorts and dorky socks on a payphone in the background…)

So, overall consensus. Is it the next Oscar winner? No. But was it fun to see these girls again and be able to continue with their stories? Yes! No matter how old they get, or how bad the plots get (or how nonexistent they are) it will still be fun to see the four of them on screen (especially their shoes).


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