J’aime la musique de France!

I have no idea that translation is correct because when I first typed in “I love French music” to google, it translated it to “I love music française” which I’m pretty sure isn’t correct, and I don’t speak French.

Besides the fact that I don’t French (I take Spanish) and while I love Spanish music too, it juts simply does not have the same Bohemian, tre chic, French feel that French music does! So, I thought since I’ve kind of begun to deviate from film a lot anyway, I might as well through in a post about my love of French music.

I think my favorite artists is Carla Bruni, who I found while looking through one of those famous people playlists on iTunes, this one coming from the list of January Jones (Betty Draper on the amazing, and my all-time favorite show Mad Men). My favorite song of hers is Quelqu’un m’a dit, but I also like Raphaël, Le plus beau du quartier, as well as many others. Although I only have one of her albums, (Quelqu’un m’a dit), I hope to acquire more of her music soon!

Another artists I found through searching French pop on iTunes is Amélie-les-crayons. Her stuff is limited, but her song Ta p’tite flamme is one of my absolute favorites!

I discovered Juliette Gréco through the film An Education, and although I only have two of her songs, I am in love. Her songs are so reminiscent of ’60s Paris that I want to yell! I wish I could go back to that time–the clothing, the music, the lifestyle. All absolutely fantastique!

So this concludes my French music rant. If anyone has any recommendations I would gladly accept them, since I am craving more all the time! Also, as a general suggestion, the soundtrack to An Education is absolutely fabulous. Perhaps I shall do a blog post on movie soundtracks shortly! That should be a long post… Watch out 😛


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  1. “La Vie en Rose” is required listening. Ditto “La Marseilleise.” Maybe I’ll sing them for you sometime?

    For modern French music, check out The Plastiscines. They’re adorable!

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