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Cheating again….

So, I tried to write a post about my trip, and then I tried to write a post about movies! but they both failed, and so I’ve decided that right now, I’m in a definite fashion mood so I’m going to go with it for a little bit (I’ll go back to movies after I get back, I prommiissee–after pictures of course!!).

So for this exciting episode of movie post gone fashion wild, I shall explore… my favorite accessories!!

So, we’ll start out with scarves, shall we? Scarves are BY FAR my favorite. I don’t really know why, but they are. Summer scarves, winter scarves, doesn’t matter, they’re fantastic. What I’ve found is that a scarf can steal an outfit–so, I usually go with a plain top, some nice fitting pants and a great scarf–a statement scarf if you will. I try to stay away from other big accessories, and try to make the shirt tighter, I find it lets the scarf billow a bit more. In the summer, light scarves a great way to cover up a little more. Even if you aren’t actually hiding any more skin, it can make a tank and shorts look a little more conservative. And in the winter, they’re so much fun to cuddle into! They make any outfit pop a little, and give your neck something to cuddle with throughout the day 🙂

Now on to earrings! These are my second favorite, and since I have nine different earring holes, I never run out of fun! My favorite kinds of earrings are exotic ones–my favorite pair are a pair I picked up from the Grand Bazaar in Turkey, they have Turkish coins on them and are fantastic. Since I’m a larger person, and I have a pretty big head and large earlobes, I am definitely a fan of the ginormous earrings–the bigger the better. Although I almost always wear studs in my other 7 holes that aren’t my two main ones, (you know the ones everyone has), in those I wear earrings that completely take over and outfit and scream HELLO. COMPLIMENT ME.

Now, rings are another one of my favorites, but I think I’ll skip those and go to hats. I personally don’t do a lot of hats because I feel awkward because they’ve become a little obsolete in our world, but they are plain fabulous. Sun hats are my favorites–those HUGE ones that are plain outrageous, but fabulous none the less. I’m a big fan of straw hats, I don’t like newsboy hats (on anyone) and I think that baseball hats are really cute when at a baseball game (but there they are essential–I own about 4).

And my last favorite “accessory” is SHOES. Okay, so I know that it’s not really an accessory, but it’s not really an article of clothing either! So just go with it… I. Love. Heels. And if you’re going to do heels, you might as well GO BIG. I hate kitten heels, or whatever their called–they are wimp heels, that’s all I have to say. I love huge wedges, and huge pumps. I am a big fan of slingbacks, I think they’re sexy. And if you must go with flats, at least avoid the ballets. I don’t know why I’m not partial to them, but they’re really just not my thing–I guess maybe it’s because they make my own feet look weird. I am much more a fan of the gladiator–especially the sparkly kind.

So I guess you’ve probably noticed I have a thing for fashion. I think this will be one of the last fashion blogs I do. I guess award shows will still be fashion related (but of course those aren’t until the beginning of next year, so we have a while to go on that one). I also might do a few when I’m so ADD I can’t focus on a movie for more than a few seconds. Hope you’re enjoying my fashion tangents!!


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Cheat Post

So, I just went to go see Toy Story 3, and I know that since this is a movie blog I should do a review… but I’m going to take advantage of the fact that I have a blog to do a little bit of a fashion tangent (I actually am really sad that I didn’t make this a fashion blog, since I love all of my friends fashion blogs, but I really just don’t dress that well usually… haha). Since I’m leaving for Europe in 3 (THREE) days, I need to pack. Too bad I have yet to do half of the laundry that I need too to do this, but I’m working on… So I thought I would do a little bit of a preview of what I plan to wear (I know this has nothing to do with anything but it’s all I can think about so I am unable to focus on anything cinema related).

The key to travel fashion? Comfortable, functional, and cute. Since I’ve become quite the world traveler, you need to pack for the weather, but also for the activity. So, for days filled with site seeing, it’s definitely good to go with shorts, but something comfortable. My personal favorites are flannel, which do less damage than denim. Sunglasses are key, especially since during the day it can be quite sunny, and in order to see all that you want too, it’s important to shield your eyes. Comfy shoes are SO important! I recently bought a pair from Target that closely resemble toms, and I’m planning on utilizing them a lot. My favorite pair of gladiator sandals are in their last days, having been worn up and down the streets of Rome (which is not exactly the cleanest city in the world), and are really sort of dilapidated… When it comes to shirts, I’m a fan of the cute top with a sweater, the best way to dress up an outfit. And of course, a watch! I have a copy of a Toy Watch that I’m in love with, rhinestones and all!

But night time in Europe is completely different. Why day might be all about comfort and function, at night, all that is left behind. When I went to Turkey, I could’ve cared less what I looked like since we were in the middle of the desert at most points during the trip (except Istanbul, when these rules apply once again), but in Eastern Europe, we will be in cities, and fashionable ones at that. So, nights are all about great sandles and wedges, as well as cute dresses and skirts with exceptional earrings.

And of course, there comes the beach! While I probably won’t be able to get to the beach, there’s always a chance of a pool at a hotel, and who wants to get caught looking bad in a swim suit in Europe? No one, that’s who! So, always bring with you a conventional suit just in case you’re with people who you need to cover up for, but also bring that the other suit–the one you know makes people stare just in case a cute Austrian is near by 🙂

Well, that’s it. I’ll probably have one or two more posts before I leave, so look forward to it. When I come back from Europe I’m sure I’ll have lots and lots to report (unlike I did with Italy…kind of dropped the ball on that one… whoops!). Hope summer is going well 🙂

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Mad about Mad Men

Mad Men returns August 16th and I could not be more excited. I live for this show.

It is impossible for me to miss more the incredibly sexy and devious Don Draper (Jon Hamm), the gorgeous and bitchy Betty Draper (January Jones), the voluptuous and smooth Joan Holloway (Christina Hendricks) and everyone else (not to mention the ever rampant drama, drinking, smoking and fantastic wardrobe).

You can also “Mad Men Yourself” here.

I would just like to say I met Jon Hamm once. Probably one of the best moments of my life.

This is fun, by the way. I got Jane Siegel, which is actually considerably humorous, and fairly false. Not a big deal.

And this is one of the reasons this show is so fantastic. Though trust me, I don’t watch it for the fashion (but it is a nice bonus).

Also, if you are a Jon Hamm fan (as I am) you might know that he’s actually hysterical when he’s not being suave and seductive as Don Draper. This clip is one of my personal favorites, but there are so many. His guest appearances on 30 Rock are some of my favorites.

And if you don’t watch Mad Men then I recommend you start RIGHT AWAY! It’s even better if you start now, because you don’t have to wait painful weeks in between episodes for the next one (which trust me, are absolutely horrid, trust me, once you become addicted). I know that the clothes are great, and it’s talked about all the time, but really, it’s full of drama, and not the kind that you go “oh come on, that’s Spanish soap opera stuff”, but the kind of drama that drama tv shows are meant to have. It’s smart, it’s funny (at times), but it’s also brutally honest, and sad. It’s a mix of everything we want out of life. I want to be a mad man. So, go. Watch Mad Men, and be amazed. And if you don’t like it, don’t come back to this blog. You’re not welcome.

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Currently Diggin’

So I stole this idea from my friend Hannah (who has her own fabulous blog), and I really hope she doesn’t mind me taking it, because I think it’s great, and really fun!

Upcoming Summer Movies: While there a few movies I’m looking forward to in particular (Knight and Day, Inception) it’s not even the specific movies that I love. What I love about the summer movie season is the anticipation, the knowledge that the movies will probably be less than perfect, but having the free time to be able to see all of them, not just select the few that look really good because you can only get to the theater once a month. My favorite excuse to go to the theater is, but it’s air-conditioned!

Prague: And really just summer in general. I love the summer season, and right now I am digging heading off to Europe to see beautiful places I’ve never been and to experience a world beyond what I’m used to.

Dairy-Free Ice Cream: While I have so many food allergies it’s ridiculous, I love ice cream, and right now, my favorite summer treat is the dairy free kind! Although not quite as good as the real thing, it’s still cool, delicious and (kind of) creamy!

Reading: All of my summer free-time allots me so much reading time that I am overwhelmed! While I’m at work on a play for AP English (Long Day’s Journey Into Night) which is okay, for fun I’m reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Love Walked In, a novel recommended by a good friend, which are always the best kind!

Jack Johnson’s New Album: How can summer be complete with some tunes from Jack? I have always loved Jack Johnson, and his new CD To the Sea is great (unlike his previous album, Sleep Through The Static–not my favorite, bud). This one is full of his usual light-hearted, make you want to live in a hammock in Hawaii and surf for a living sound.

Summer Fashion and the Beach!: I simply can not wait to throw on a bathing suit, and head off to sit in the sand at my family’s favorite beach. While the water in Massachusetts is freezing, and my chances of going in are slim, I love being able to hang out and tan (…burn) all day long and not have to worry about expectations or obligations.

What summer movies are you guys excited for? What have you already seen and loved?

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What is Life

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I watched part of Away We Go the other day (unfortunately not the whole thing… bad movie blogger!). But, I fell in love with the soundtrack and wanted to do a quick little plug for it.

The majority of the music is by Alexi Murdoch, who I quickly have discovered I love. Most of the songs are acoustic, and those that aren’t still have a very folk feel to them. They’re very relaxed, and, while I know this will sound cheesy, but sentimental, emotional. Sometimes, you listen to music and all you get is a pounding beat or some silly lyrics, but his music is filled with raw emotion and real feeling. I love the way it makes you feel when you listen to music like that–it really invokes emotions within you, and I love it. My favorite tracks of his are All My Days, Breathe, Orange Sky and The Ragged Sea. You should definitely go check them all out.

The other songs that are on the soundtrack are What Is Life by George Harrison, which is a fantastic track, Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ by The Velvet Underground, and Meet Me In The Morning by Bob Dylan, another legend. Overall, the soundtrack is fantastic, and I’ve been listening to it for hours on repeat. I definitely recommend it, even if you haven’t seen the movie, and I believe that Alexi Murdoch has a lot of these songs separate from the movie on his own CDs.

That’s when I miss you…
You who are my home,
You who are my home,
And here is what I know now,
Here is what I know now,
Goes like this:
In your love, my salvation lies…

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Prince of Persia

So, sometimes I think that when people read my blog they must be thinking, what the heck is going on with this girls’ movie going picks? But, if I didn’t go see all of these movies, how would I tell all of you about them!! So, for the sake of you, my lovely (but scarce) audience I have gone to seen the Prince of Persia.

To be honest, this film actually wasn’t too bad. I mean, of course I went in with probably the lowest expectations for a film I’ve had in quite a long time, and actually I was going because initially we were trying to find a film that my whole family would see (mainly my sister), and she ended up not going… but, we did anyway. So ha.

Okay, so a few interesting things, and why it worked. First, the movie was played dead seriously–it wasn’t a farce, or making fun of movies like this, which is REALLY what tied the film together. If they had gone silly (and of course there was humor in it, but it was in the context of everything else) it would have gone downhill and fast. I mean, fast. Second, Jake Gyllenhaal, although at times appearing to be a bad actor, actually isn’t that bad. In this he was actually pretty good, and his ability to play the leading man in a movie that requires a very typical, macho, testosterone filled male is a lot higher than I previously assumed. And, while he does have a British accent, it doesn’t really come off silly in any way–it really didn’t impact the movie at all. Although occasionally it would go a little Australian…  Also, as a side note, his abs do not hurt the film in any capacity. Nor do his arms. Just, a thought.

Third, there are some great actors in this film, including Ben Kingsly and Alfred Molin (the Dr. Octopus guy in Spiderman? Yeah, him). Having these great actors in kind of edging on silly roles improved the film a lot.

I’m going to refrain from telling you the plot line, because it really isn’t that complicated and is fairly simply to look up.

For what it is, this film exceeds expectations. It combines humor with the ability to not turn towards a farce-like tone and gets some great actors playing some kind of silly, but fun, roles. The story is very predictable (I mean, expected, but still), and the female lead is a tad (and by a tad I mean minorly enormously) annoying, and Jake’s hair is a little too greasy… it’s better than it looks (which I know isn’t really saying much. And hey, if you have no other reason to go, simply go to check out Jake’s bod. I have to say, you’ll probably appreciate it.

Rating: 2 1/2 / 5 stars

Overall: Predictable, and kind of silly, but funny at times, and exceeds expectations.

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