Featured Actor… Tony Curtis

Seeing as today is Tony Curtis’ birthday, I thought I would do a post on him. Tony Curtis is one of my favorite actors, and although I’ve talked about Sweet Smell of Success and briefly mentioned Some Like it Hot I can’t believe I have yet to do a post on him! So here goes.

Trapeze – starring in this film with Burt Lancaster (another great–I swear my dad has a crush on him), this movie is about two trapeze artists’ and a little chunk of their life. As legend is passed from one artist to the next, it explores the dynamics between old and new, the transfer of power so to speak. I remember it being a fun movie, a lot of great circus shots.

Sweet Smell of Success – I did a review of this film before, and it’s one of my favorites. Also starring with Burt Lancaster, the dialogue is quick, witty and sharp. It’s excellently executed. A film filled with dark, malicious characters, it’s a simply unparalleled film in it’s literary functions. An absolute must see.

Some Like It Hot — I also did a review of this film earlier. It’s simply great. It’s a really funny movie with Marilyn Monroe and Lack Lemmon, it’s really just a great, feel good film. There’s no much to say. Another must see. And who can hate a movie with the fabulous Marilyn in it?

The Great Race – When I was younger this was one of my favorite movies, and it’s still fun. It’s a silly film, also starring Jack Lemmon, and Natalie Wood. It really is kind of silly, but it has some laughs. A great watch for a rainy day, or a day you need to a good pick-me up. I always find that no matter what Jack Lemmon can lift my spirits.

Although it may seem like I don’t have a lot to say about Mr. Curtis, it’s actually more that I don’t really know how to describe his movies. He’s a really phenomenal actor–he goes from sparkling clean car driver, to malicious scum in New York, to a man dressing as a woman and another man, to a trapeze artist. And he plays them all convincingly and fantastically. Overall, terrific (and easy on the eyes :P). Happy Birthday Tony!


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