This is my first real movie review in a really long time. I actually saw this film a little while ago but kept completely forgetting that I had watched it. So here goes!

This drama starring Guy Pearce, directed and written by Christopher Nolan, is quite different. The story of a man with short-term memory loss who will do anything to keep track of his life, including tattoo notes on his own body (among other things such as take Polaroids), is trying to decode the mystery of who killed his wife. The movie, told backwards, always keeps you on your toes. Despite this riveting concept, the movie occasionally does get boring–there are some stretches that are quite repetitive, since the audience knows that he has short term memory loss, we really don’t need it explained to us over and over… and over…

But Guy Pearce is a brilliant actor (I discovered him one my favorite movies The Count of Monte Cristo, and have loved him in everything else). He does a great job, and the movies which not only is told backwards and but switches from present day to flashbacks threw story-telling is really interesting. The concept is extremely intriguing. And all the while, you root for him to find the man! I won’t give anything away, but the ending is a little… well, not predictable, but obvious I suppose. And this is not a criticism of this film, because Shutter Island was made after this one, but the ending is a more than a little reminiscent of a recent Scorsese film… The dramatic irony, on top of all of this (you know that feeling when you want to yell at the TV screen because you know that the protagonist shouldn’t’ go towards the haunted castle with the creepy strings playing, yet they do anyway?), is a little over the top. At a certain point, you just want to say, screw it, go to the house you moron! Although you never quite reach that point in this film, it definitely reaches it’s fill, and any longer would’ve sent it overflowing.

Overall, I definitely recommend the film. It’s tone is very Fight Club-esque, and although the story is completely different, I definitely am a sucker for that kind of dramatic tension and witty, clever dialogue that characterizes them.

Rating: 3/5 Stars

Overall: A fun thriller, definitely a good watch, drags a little at times, but makes up for it with the unique plot-line and good acting.


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  1. I watched this movie two years ago and I found it SO confusing, but it was still a great movie and I would definitely watch it again. Great review, and I agree about the Fight Club-esque tone of it.

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