Really the only thing to say about this movie is: car chases.

Okay, before we get to that (which is clearly the most important part of the film) I’ll mention that it stars Robert De Niro, takes place in France, and is an action thriller–the plot follows a team of men hired to obtain a case, containing what, we don’t know, but we do know that the case is important. Both the Russians and the Irish want it, and they’ll do almost anything to get it.

Now, back to the important stuff. This movie is great for a few reasons. First, none of the people in this film are “good” or “bad” guys. True, there are some that seem to have slightly higher morals than others, and some of them feature more prominently so we feel a little more for them when obstacles cross their path, or when they accidentally get hit by a bullet, but these men are really “good” guys. None of them give a damn about the civilians that line the sides of all the roads they fight on, and they really are all looking out for their best interests, no one elses’. It’s a great feature, and makes for the removal of any cheesy heroism that might infiltrate into almost all other movies.

Second! The car chases. They really are some of the best I’ve ever seen–long, but fast and exciting. In addition, my car (BMW 325i) features prominently in the second car chase! Unfortunately it also blows up at the end, but that’s really not important… I really can’t say anymore. Just… see below:

Rating: 4/5 stars

Overall: Great plot, really riveting thriller, best scenes are the car chases.


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