So I know that this is a movie blog, but I’m so excited about goings on lately that I feel I need to update everyone in what is happening (not that anyone actually reads this, but for the few that might glance at it…)

So, finals start this Friday and after next Wednesday SUMMER BEGINS! Unfortunately, I won’t be able to post, really at all, over the summer because I’m away so often. On June 28th, I’m off to Poland, and then over the course of the following three weeks I travel through Warsaw, Krakow, Budapest, Vienna and Prague. I am more than excited, but unfortunately I won’t have access to internet while I’m there!





After that, I come home for a week or so (boo…) and then I’m off to Drum Major Academy at UMass, which lasts until August 4th, and THEN I go to North Carolina for two weeks with the fam. This I could not be more excited about since the Outer Banks are my second home, and in fact I believe should be my first home. While I’m there I always see a billion movies (hot days, cold movie theater) so I will probably be able to get out a blog post or nine while I’m there.

Then, after that I go to my school’s regular old marching band camp, and I’m drum major!! (Big smile here). Then school starts, and we’re back to where we started. Just wanted to let everyone know.

So, in addition to this, I am always so tempted to talk about clothes on here because all of my friends have fashion blogs (which are fabulous) and so I’m giving in to temptation when I tell you all about my outfit for the Junior Harbor Cruise on Friday (I bought my shoes today!!!).

My dress is extremely, and (I like to believe) fittingly reminiscent of Marilyn Monroe.It is very similar to THIS dress here, only completely white. For whatever reason, Mr. Klein has decided to remove my dress from his website. Jerk.

In addition to the dress, which is not the fun part of dressing up, are the shoes. The shoes are always the most important part of anything. Mine happen to be amazing. If you click HERE you can see my shoes and be dazzled. They happen to be copies of Carrie Bradshaw’s in the opening scenes of Sex and the City 2 movie (Look, I did connect it to a movie!). I know that in that picture their awesome vs tacky factor is a little debatable, and I was worried when I ordered them that they would air on the side of awful, but I promise they don’t. Imagine how amazing those shoes could look in person, and that’s how they look. Trust me. I do not wear tacky shoes.

(If I was technologically able, I would blow up her shoes for you, but… I’m just really not that abled. I mean, if I’m watching all of these movies and accumulating all of these shoes how can you expect me to also learn how to use a computer. Give me a break).

Anyway, that is all. I hope that everyone has a fantastic summer. I’ll be popping in to keep you updated on films every once in a while, but remember that when in doubt, movie theaters always over air-condition. 🙂



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3 responses to “Updates!

  1. Tyler

    for a second summer in a row, katrina leaves for new and wonderful places while tyler spends hour after hour in hometown suburbia.

  2. “I mean, if I’m watching all of these movies and accumulating all of these shoes how can you expect me to also learn how to use a computer. Give me a break.”
    ^ I giggled.

    Your summer sounds FABULOUS, I am so jealous.

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