Prince of Persia

So, sometimes I think that when people read my blog they must be thinking, what the heck is going on with this girls’ movie going picks? But, if I didn’t go see all of these movies, how would I tell all of you about them!! So, for the sake of you, my lovely (but scarce) audience I have gone to seen the Prince of Persia.

To be honest, this film actually wasn’t too bad. I mean, of course I went in with probably the lowest expectations for a film I’ve had in quite a long time, and actually I was going because initially we were trying to find a film that my whole family would see (mainly my sister), and she ended up not going… but, we did anyway. So ha.

Okay, so a few interesting things, and why it worked. First, the movie was played dead seriously–it wasn’t a farce, or making fun of movies like this, which is REALLY what tied the film together. If they had gone silly (and of course there was humor in it, but it was in the context of everything else) it would have gone downhill and fast. I mean, fast. Second, Jake Gyllenhaal, although at times appearing to be a bad actor, actually isn’t that bad. In this he was actually pretty good, and his ability to play the leading man in a movie that requires a very typical, macho, testosterone filled male is a lot higher than I previously assumed. And, while he does have a British accent, it doesn’t really come off silly in any way–it really didn’t impact the movie at all. Although occasionally it would go a little Australian…  Also, as a side note, his abs do not hurt the film in any capacity. Nor do his arms. Just, a thought.

Third, there are some great actors in this film, including Ben Kingsly and Alfred Molin (the Dr. Octopus guy in Spiderman? Yeah, him). Having these great actors in kind of edging on silly roles improved the film a lot.

I’m going to refrain from telling you the plot line, because it really isn’t that complicated and is fairly simply to look up.

For what it is, this film exceeds expectations. It combines humor with the ability to not turn towards a farce-like tone and gets some great actors playing some kind of silly, but fun, roles. The story is very predictable (I mean, expected, but still), and the female lead is a tad (and by a tad I mean minorly enormously) annoying, and Jake’s hair is a little too greasy… it’s better than it looks (which I know isn’t really saying much. And hey, if you have no other reason to go, simply go to check out Jake’s bod. I have to say, you’ll probably appreciate it.

Rating: 2 1/2 / 5 stars

Overall: Predictable, and kind of silly, but funny at times, and exceeds expectations.


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