What is Life

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I watched part of Away We Go the other day (unfortunately not the whole thing… bad movie blogger!). But, I fell in love with the soundtrack and wanted to do a quick little plug for it.

The majority of the music is by Alexi Murdoch, who I quickly have discovered I love. Most of the songs are acoustic, and those that aren’t still have a very folk feel to them. They’re very relaxed, and, while I know this will sound cheesy, but sentimental, emotional. Sometimes, you listen to music and all you get is a pounding beat or some silly lyrics, but his music is filled with raw emotion and real feeling. I love the way it makes you feel when you listen to music like that–it really invokes emotions within you, and I love it. My favorite tracks of his are All My Days, Breathe, Orange Sky and The Ragged Sea. You should definitely go check them all out.

The other songs that are on the soundtrack are What Is Life by George Harrison, which is a fantastic track, Oh! Sweet Nuthin’ by The Velvet Underground, and Meet Me In The Morning by Bob Dylan, another legend. Overall, the soundtrack is fantastic, and I’ve been listening to it for hours on repeat. I definitely recommend it, even if you haven’t seen the movie, and I believe that Alexi Murdoch has a lot of these songs separate from the movie on his own CDs.

That’s when I miss you…
You who are my home,
You who are my home,
And here is what I know now,
Here is what I know now,
Goes like this:
In your love, my salvation lies…


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