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So I stole this idea from my friend Hannah (who has her own fabulous blog), and I really hope she doesn’t mind me taking it, because I think it’s great, and really fun!

Upcoming Summer Movies: While there a few movies I’m looking forward to in particular (Knight and Day, Inception) it’s not even the specific movies that I love. What I love about the summer movie season is the anticipation, the knowledge that the movies will probably be less than perfect, but having the free time to be able to see all of them, not just select the few that look really good because you can only get to the theater once a month. My favorite excuse to go to the theater is, but it’s air-conditioned!

Prague: And really just summer in general. I love the summer season, and right now I am digging heading off to Europe to see beautiful places I’ve never been and to experience a world beyond what I’m used to.

Dairy-Free Ice Cream: While I have so many food allergies it’s ridiculous, I love ice cream, and right now, my favorite summer treat is the dairy free kind! Although not quite as good as the real thing, it’s still cool, delicious and (kind of) creamy!

Reading: All of my summer free-time allots me so much reading time that I am overwhelmed! While I’m at work on a play for AP English (Long Day’s Journey Into Night) which is okay, for fun I’m reading The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo and Love Walked In, a novel recommended by a good friend, which are always the best kind!

Jack Johnson’s New Album: How can summer be complete with some tunes from Jack? I have always loved Jack Johnson, and his new CD To the Sea is great (unlike his previous album, Sleep Through The Static–not my favorite, bud). This one is full of his usual light-hearted, make you want to live in a hammock in Hawaii and surf for a living sound.

Summer Fashion and the Beach!: I simply can not wait to throw on a bathing suit, and head off to sit in the sand at my family’s favorite beach. While the water in Massachusetts is freezing, and my chances of going in are slim, I love being able to hang out and tan (…burn) all day long and not have to worry about expectations or obligations.

What summer movies are you guys excited for? What have you already seen and loved?


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