Cheating again….

So, I tried to write a post about my trip, and then I tried to write a post about movies! but they both failed, and so I’ve decided that right now, I’m in a definite fashion mood so I’m going to go with it for a little bit (I’ll go back to movies after I get back, I prommiissee–after pictures of course!!).

So for this exciting episode of movie post gone fashion wild, I shall explore… my favorite accessories!!

So, we’ll start out with scarves, shall we? Scarves are BY FAR my favorite. I don’t really know why, but they are. Summer scarves, winter scarves, doesn’t matter, they’re fantastic. What I’ve found is that a scarf can steal an outfit–so, I usually go with a plain top, some nice fitting pants and a great scarf–a statement scarf if you will. I try to stay away from other big accessories, and try to make the shirt tighter, I find it lets the scarf billow a bit more. In the summer, light scarves a great way to cover up a little more. Even if you aren’t actually hiding any more skin, it can make a tank and shorts look a little more conservative. And in the winter, they’re so much fun to cuddle into! They make any outfit pop a little, and give your neck something to cuddle with throughout the day 🙂

Now on to earrings! These are my second favorite, and since I have nine different earring holes, I never run out of fun! My favorite kinds of earrings are exotic ones–my favorite pair are a pair I picked up from the Grand Bazaar in Turkey, they have Turkish coins on them and are fantastic. Since I’m a larger person, and I have a pretty big head and large earlobes, I am definitely a fan of the ginormous earrings–the bigger the better. Although I almost always wear studs in my other 7 holes that aren’t my two main ones, (you know the ones everyone has), in those I wear earrings that completely take over and outfit and scream HELLO. COMPLIMENT ME.

Now, rings are another one of my favorites, but I think I’ll skip those and go to hats. I personally don’t do a lot of hats because I feel awkward because they’ve become a little obsolete in our world, but they are plain fabulous. Sun hats are my favorites–those HUGE ones that are plain outrageous, but fabulous none the less. I’m a big fan of straw hats, I don’t like newsboy hats (on anyone) and I think that baseball hats are really cute when at a baseball game (but there they are essential–I own about 4).

And my last favorite “accessory” is SHOES. Okay, so I know that it’s not really an accessory, but it’s not really an article of clothing either! So just go with it… I. Love. Heels. And if you’re going to do heels, you might as well GO BIG. I hate kitten heels, or whatever their called–they are wimp heels, that’s all I have to say. I love huge wedges, and huge pumps. I am a big fan of slingbacks, I think they’re sexy. And if you must go with flats, at least avoid the ballets. I don’t know why I’m not partial to them, but they’re really just not my thing–I guess maybe it’s because they make my own feet look weird. I am much more a fan of the gladiator–especially the sparkly kind.

So I guess you’ve probably noticed I have a thing for fashion. I think this will be one of the last fashion blogs I do. I guess award shows will still be fashion related (but of course those aren’t until the beginning of next year, so we have a while to go on that one). I also might do a few when I’m so ADD I can’t focus on a movie for more than a few seconds. Hope you’re enjoying my fashion tangents!!


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