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True Romance

What other film features Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette as an ex-call girl, Gary Oldman as a Rastafarian pimp/drug dealer (which you should click here to see, it’s too great not to), Brad Pitt as a complete stoner, Christopher Walken as a guy who works for the drug dealer, as well a slew of others and is written by Quentin Tarantino? I bet you can’t guess! Except for the fact that it’s the name of this post…

You got it you smart blog-reader you! It’s True Romance! And as you probably expected, it is one of those convoluted Tarantino stories, one made up of a bunch of different pieces that do fit together, but could probably be watched separately and seem to make about as much sense. Filled with great Tarantino dialogue (although not directed by him), speckled with more than a few terrific set pieces and topped off with some great music (that you probably know and should go listen to here, because you know it. I know you do), it’s not a perfect movie but it does have some great moments.

It starts off simply. The first twenty minutes or so actually feel like a conventional film, and just as you sit there going, what is this nonsense that seems not to have anything to do with anything Tarantino like, at all, Slater goes to visit Oldman, who has one dud eye, dreds, and is gowned in a robe and boxers you begin to go, ohhh.

There are some boring moments, and in between some of the better set pieces there are moments that begin to feel dull, but it never quite reaches that level. Finished with a great ending, and sprinkled with even better music, I believe it’s a forgotten good one.

Rating: 3 1/2/5 stars

Overall: Overall a movie kept afloat by great set pieces, terrific music and a great ending, there are moments where it drags a little, but as a whole is really good.


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I’ve decided to join this website called blogcatalog. Click on it!

Cinema Blogs - BlogCatalog Blog Directory

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It’s a girl!

Actually it’s a blog. I’ve given birth to a new blog, called Voluptuous and Marvelous. It’s completely different–a sort of fashion blog, but if you guys like this one you might also enjoy that if you have conflicting interests with movies and fashion (like I sort of do, though I’m realizing that film is really my forte. OH WELL).

Click HERE to head on over to my new blog!

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I’m going MAD

Mad Men comes back on Sunday and I could NOT BE MORE EXCITED (those were my excited capital letters).

SO MUCH is happening this season. Draper and the crew have left Sterling Cooper and have created their ad agency, Betty has left Don for another man who she has full intentions to marry, there is ever more drama with Joan and her husband, Peggy and her child, and everyone else (there is no lack of drama of this FABULOUS show).

In addition, Ben Affleck’s new movie The Town just had it’s preview premier, which I saw yesterday when I went to see Inception, and it stars JON HAMM. There’s a great post about it on The Loaded Gun (a FANTASTIC movie blog about movies being filmed in Boston–I follow it religiously, it’s excellent). Click here!! to see the post.

Well I guess that’s really all I have to say. I’m very disappointed because I get to watch the first episode of Mad Men when it premiers, but then I have DVR the next three due to various conflicts. It’s causing me a lot of stress.

AMC has a great Mad Men page with a lot of fun games (like “Mad Men Yourself” and finding out which character you are from Mad Men, though I find it to be incredibly inaccurate, it’s still fun). There’s also a ton of great blog posts on the fashion from the show, individual characters, and so much more. Click here!! to find that (be prepared to lose yourself for hours if you’re a fan).


(Have I mentioned I met Jon Hamm once? Yeah. That’s right. Be jealous.)

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It took me a day to brew up this review in my mind and I’m still not quite certain about it’s progression, so I guess that probably indicates the kind of film it is.

Let me be straight–this movie is not as complicated as it seems, but there is a considerable amount to it. Topped with a classic Christopher Nolan ending, and donned with a typical character by DiCaprio, the film has all of it’s basics together. In reality, it’s a sci-fi heist move ornamented with emotional grappling. While DiCaprio plays a man struggling with his subconscious and guilt, the rest of the team (including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page) is going through the motions of a typical job. It’s like Ronin in the future, only with less car chases and a different motive, but the mood is much the same.

Cillian Murphy plays a man who is the victim of inception, a process which involves planting an idea into someone’s mind instead of stealing one. The plot progresses quickly, and although the first few minutes are confusing, the following moments are explanatory and the movie progresses in a manner that allows it to be interesting while not mind boggling. I found it actually to be far less complicated than expected, though it was neither a good or bad thing.

DiCaprio plays a character extremely similar to the man who played in Shutter Island–a man shaken by his emotional past, uncertain in his stability, etc (although this movie as a whole was more entertaining than Island). Page plays a prominent character, but the rest kind of blend in–not good or bad, just kind of neutral. Tom Hardy, a man previously unknown to be, is the only other man on the job who really sparkles.

The movie blends–and if you stripped away the emotional layers, beneath lies a fantastic heist movie, although I suppose those layers add it’s individuality. A great movie that I highly recommend. Not the most mind bending film I’ve seen, though that’s what it was advertised as, still enormously entertaining.

Overall: A great heist movie wrapped in some (maybe unnecessary) emotions. Beautifully filmed, and extremely entertaining.

Rating: 4/5 stars

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The Young Victoria

I realized that I did watch a movie recently! And granted that it was on an airplane, it was a real movie. (Actually I watched three but we don’t have time for that nonsense). This was the best of them any way.

The Young Victoria is the story of Queen Victoria’s rise to power and her search for a husband. Starring Emily Blunt as Victoria, to be quite honest it’s an oversimplified version of a rich and complicated history. The beginning part of Victoria’s life is rushed and a little confusing due to lack of detail, while her search for a husband and love is drawn out and, well, rather predictable. And while you aren’t quite sure about the ending exactly if you don’t know the history, you do have a pretty good idea.

The set pieces are beautiful, and the costume design is fantastic. The music is also incredibly fitting and appropriate. I personally am a classic music fan, and I would definitely buy the soundtrack, so I’m not sure how it comes across if that sort of music isn’t your cup of tea, but there are many films set in that period (or around) that have dreary, boring music that make the movie see to drag when it really doesn’t.

None of the acting performances particularly shot out as spectacular, although Blunt and her costars were very good in their roles. Perhaps Rubert Friend could’ve worked on his German accent (having a German grandfather it was quite easy to spot as, well, plain… bad). But his actual performance wasn’t bad, and was rather pleasing.

The movie was a little boring at stretches, but was short enough as to not be un-watchable. Also, on a plane it’s hard to tell and I know that this might factor into this whole review, but what am I gonna do.

It is a nice love story though, and am I total sap romantic, while at the same time being a completely cynic (don’t ask me how that happens, it’s a little complicated sometimes) so. It was a nice watch for an airplane, but to be honest, I might skip over it if I had a wider selection of films.Not bad for the situation, but not great for the grand scheme of things.

Overall: Beautiful set pieces and great music, but story is predictable and a little boring. Good for die hard romantics.

Rating: 2/5 stars

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What I’m Diggin’

Europe: As you know, I just got home from an amazing three weeks in Eastern Europe and I love it there. Granted, there are certain aspects of the US that I love, and I’m all for America as a place, but I’m pretty sure I would move there in a heart beat. My new plan? Do lots of time abroad throughout college and move there soon after grad school. I’m thinking Amsterdam. The men there are tall and blonde, just what I need.

The Millennium Trilogy: I don’t think I’ve books as vigorously as these since Harry Potter (well that’s not true, but… just to give you an idea). These three novels by Steigg Larson are a God send, and I have read them faster than anything in a long time. Absolutely to die for–once you start reading the first one, you won’t be able to read another book until you’ve made your way to the end of the third.

My Blackberry: Since texting is so expensive internationally on Verizon I haven’t been able to use my phone very much over the past three weeks, and to be quite honest I am a text-aholic. I bbm, I sms, I twitter, I do everything and I have been seriously technology deprived (but don’t take this as a criticism of Europe, it’s simply something that I would have to work on when I move there :))

Cake: I do have a gluten allergy, but while in Europe my mom and I ignored practically all allergies (except lactose because it gives me a stomach ache, but they have pills for that!!) and indulged in local food. My favorite cake along the way? Sochertorte. Chocolate and apricots. In cake. Top it off with a Caffe Latte in a Hungarian cafe across from the elegant and beautiful Opera house, and I’m set for life.

What’s been going on during this summer?! Spain won the World Cup (which was infinitely fun in Europe…) and pretty much everything else I’ve missed. Haha

Go see movies and tell me about them so I can actually see something and write about something prevalent to this blog.

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