The Young Victoria

I realized that I did watch a movie recently! And granted that it was on an airplane, it was a real movie. (Actually I watched three but we don’t have time for that nonsense). This was the best of them any way.

The Young Victoria is the story of Queen Victoria’s rise to power and her search for a husband. Starring Emily Blunt as Victoria, to be quite honest it’s an oversimplified version of a rich and complicated history. The beginning part of Victoria’s life is rushed and a little confusing due to lack of detail, while her search for a husband and love is drawn out and, well, rather predictable. And while you aren’t quite sure about the ending exactly if you don’t know the history, you do have a pretty good idea.

The set pieces are beautiful, and the costume design is fantastic. The music is also incredibly fitting and appropriate. I personally am a classic music fan, and I would definitely buy the soundtrack, so I’m not sure how it comes across if that sort of music isn’t your cup of tea, but there are many films set in that period (or around) that have dreary, boring music that make the movie see to drag when it really doesn’t.

None of the acting performances particularly shot out as spectacular, although Blunt and her costars were very good in their roles. Perhaps Rubert Friend could’ve worked on his German accent (having a German grandfather it was quite easy to spot as, well, plain… bad). But his actual performance wasn’t bad, and was rather pleasing.

The movie was a little boring at stretches, but was short enough as to not be un-watchable. Also, on a plane it’s hard to tell and I know that this might factor into this whole review, but what am I gonna do.

It is a nice love story though, and am I total sap romantic, while at the same time being a completely cynic (don’t ask me how that happens, it’s a little complicated sometimes) so. It was a nice watch for an airplane, but to be honest, I might skip over it if I had a wider selection of films.Not bad for the situation, but not great for the grand scheme of things.

Overall: Beautiful set pieces and great music, but story is predictable and a little boring. Good for die hard romantics.

Rating: 2/5 stars


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