What I’m Diggin’

Europe: As you know, I just got home from an amazing three weeks in Eastern Europe and I love it there. Granted, there are certain aspects of the US that I love, and I’m all for America as a place, but I’m pretty sure I would move there in a heart beat. My new plan? Do lots of time abroad throughout college and move there soon after grad school. I’m thinking Amsterdam. The men there are tall and blonde, just what I need.

The Millennium Trilogy: I don’t think I’ve books as vigorously as these since Harry Potter (well that’s not true, but… just to give you an idea). These three novels by Steigg Larson are a God send, and I have read them faster than anything in a long time. Absolutely to die for–once you start reading the first one, you won’t be able to read another book until you’ve made your way to the end of the third.

My Blackberry: Since texting is so expensive internationally on Verizon I haven’t been able to use my phone very much over the past three weeks, and to be quite honest I am a text-aholic. I bbm, I sms, I twitter, I do everything and I have been seriously technology deprived (but don’t take this as a criticism of Europe, it’s simply something that I would have to work on when I move there :))

Cake: I do have a gluten allergy, but while in Europe my mom and I ignored practically all allergies (except lactose because it gives me a stomach ache, but they have pills for that!!) and indulged in local food. My favorite cake along the way? Sochertorte. Chocolate and apricots. In cake. Top it off with a Caffe Latte in a Hungarian cafe across from the elegant and beautiful Opera house, and I’m set for life.

What’s been going on during this summer?! Spain won the World Cup (which was infinitely fun in Europe…) and pretty much everything else I’ve missed. Haha

Go see movies and tell me about them so I can actually see something and write about something prevalent to this blog.


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