It took me a day to brew up this review in my mind and I’m still not quite certain about it’s progression, so I guess that probably indicates the kind of film it is.

Let me be straight–this movie is not as complicated as it seems, but there is a considerable amount to it. Topped with a classic Christopher Nolan ending, and donned with a typical character by DiCaprio, the film has all of it’s basics together. In reality, it’s a sci-fi heist move ornamented with emotional grappling. While DiCaprio plays a man struggling with his subconscious and guilt, the rest of the team (including Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Ellen Page) is going through the motions of a typical job. It’s like Ronin in the future, only with less car chases and a different motive, but the mood is much the same.

Cillian Murphy plays a man who is the victim of inception, a process which involves planting an idea into someone’s mind instead of stealing one. The plot progresses quickly, and although the first few minutes are confusing, the following moments are explanatory and the movie progresses in a manner that allows it to be interesting while not mind boggling. I found it actually to be far less complicated than expected, though it was neither a good or bad thing.

DiCaprio plays a character extremely similar to the man who played in Shutter Island–a man shaken by his emotional past, uncertain in his stability, etc (although this movie as a whole was more entertaining than Island). Page plays a prominent character, but the rest kind of blend in–not good or bad, just kind of neutral. Tom Hardy, a man previously unknown to be, is the only other man on the job who really sparkles.

The movie blends–and if you stripped away the emotional layers, beneath lies a fantastic heist movie, although I suppose those layers add it’s individuality. A great movie that I highly recommend. Not the most mind bending film I’ve seen, though that’s what it was advertised as, still enormously entertaining.

Overall: A great heist movie wrapped in some (maybe unnecessary) emotions. Beautifully filmed, and extremely entertaining.

Rating: 4/5 stars


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