I’m going MAD

Mad Men comes back on Sunday and I could NOT BE MORE EXCITED (those were my excited capital letters).

SO MUCH is happening this season. Draper and the crew have left Sterling Cooper and have created their ad agency, Betty has left Don for another man who she has full intentions to marry, there is ever more drama with Joan and her husband, Peggy and her child, and everyone else (there is no lack of drama of this FABULOUS show).

In addition, Ben Affleck’s new movie The Town just had it’s preview premier, which I saw yesterday when I went to see Inception, and it stars JON HAMM. There’s a great post about it on The Loaded Gun (a FANTASTIC movie blog about movies being filmed in Boston–I follow it religiously, it’s excellent). Click here!! to see the post.

Well I guess that’s really all I have to say. I’m very disappointed because I get to watch the first episode of Mad Men when it premiers, but then I have DVR the next three due to various conflicts. It’s causing me a lot of stress.

AMC has a great Mad Men page with a lot of fun games (like “Mad Men Yourself” and finding out which character you are from Mad Men, though I find it to be incredibly inaccurate, it’s still fun). There’s also a ton of great blog posts on the fashion from the show, individual characters, and so much more. Click here!! to find that (be prepared to lose yourself for hours if you’re a fan).


(Have I mentioned I met Jon Hamm once? Yeah. That’s right. Be jealous.)


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