True Romance

What other film features Christian Slater, Patricia Arquette as an ex-call girl, Gary Oldman as a Rastafarian pimp/drug dealer (which you should click here to see, it’s too great not to), Brad Pitt as a complete stoner, Christopher Walken as a guy who works for the drug dealer, as well a slew of others and is written by Quentin Tarantino? I bet you can’t guess! Except for the fact that it’s the name of this post…

You got it you smart blog-reader you! It’s True Romance! And as you probably expected, it is one of those convoluted Tarantino stories, one made up of a bunch of different pieces that do fit together, but could probably be watched separately and seem to make about as much sense. Filled with great Tarantino dialogue (although not directed by him), speckled with more than a few terrific set pieces and topped off with some great music (that you probably know and should go listen to here, because you know it. I know you do), it’s not a perfect movie but it does have some great moments.

It starts off simply. The first twenty minutes or so actually feel like a conventional film, and just as you sit there going, what is this nonsense that seems not to have anything to do with anything Tarantino like, at all, Slater goes to visit Oldman, who has one dud eye, dreds, and is gowned in a robe and boxers you begin to go, ohhh.

There are some boring moments, and in between some of the better set pieces there are moments that begin to feel dull, but it never quite reaches that level. Finished with a great ending, and sprinkled with even better music, I believe it’s a forgotten good one.

Rating: 3 1/2/5 stars

Overall: Overall a movie kept afloat by great set pieces, terrific music and a great ending, there are moments where it drags a little, but as a whole is really good.


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