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OBX Edition

I have finally acquired some internet connection on this lovely island, and am going to take advantage of this beautiful moment to write a blog post!

Since I haven’t seen any movies down here (since really there wasn’t anything to see until today and instead of going to a movie I went to… the beach) I think I’ll do a what I’m diggin’ post, okay? Good.

The Beach: I have been coming down to the Outer Banks since I was REALLY young, and it’s my second home (sometimes it feels like my first). Although the main road, as charming as it is, could be located on Rt 1 in Natick, MA, the beach is absolutely beautiful and I can’t get enough of the smooth sand, warm water and big waves.

Showering Outside: As weird as this sounds, almost every single house along the beach (since our house is right ON the beach) is equipped with at least one outdoor shower. Of course, I think the main purpose for these is to wash off sand after coming up from the beach, I have taken advantage of the opportunity (and have for many years) to shower outside. There is something so freakin’ awesome about showering outside, you really have to just try it out for yourself to fully understand.

Iced Tea: Yeah, Yeah, iced tea is everywhere. But is it? Living in the north, I have always been tea deprived. Whenever you ask for an iced tea in a restaurant the waitress gives you a look like you have four heads, or just came down from the sky, or something. But down here in the south, it is just as common as anything to ask for a nice sweet tea in any respectable place (and those that aren’t respectable also).

Reading: Although right now I am trying to finish up A Confederacy of Dunces for my AP English class (which is going dreadfully slowly because it is simply dreadful!) I love having time to read. After finishing Steig Larsson’s Millennium trilogy, I’ve been a little lost with what to read because I feel so much in love with those books, but I recently picked up a novel about illustrators in 14th century Istanbul which I love. What are you guys reading?

Pretending summer isn’t ending: I know that summer is coming to an end, and I know that I have massive amounts of work to do (three essays, a current events log, a Spanish play that’s over 100 pages with questions) I have been ignoring all of these responsibilities and been fully enjoying myself on vacation and at the beach.

I would write more, but of course, it’s late and I have other things to do (like watch The Nanny, which is currently my favorite late night amusement) so I’ll leave you with this. I hope that everyone’s summers went well and that they’re wrapping up nicely. I also hope that everyone else hasn’t ignored their summer work as dutifully as I have and that they aren’t completely freaking out over the amount of things that are left to do in the remaining two weeks. Since I’m in North Carolina for an entire week more, I shall be putting these things out of mind until absolutely necessary.


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A Post of Epic Proportions

Farewell!! Now, you’re probably thinking, farewell? Where are you going? Aren’t you writing this post right now? Yes this is true. Let me clarify.

Tomorrow i leave for North Carolina (which is my second home, if not my first) for two weeks, so for the next two weeks this may probably be my last blog post!! *GASP*. Although, I WILL have my computer, so it IS possible that a blog post may appear, but… to be honest, I kind of like to be at the beach rather than write blog posts in doors at a kind of crappy cafe, while I can be catching some rays!!

So, because this is my last blog for awhile, I’m going to combine some stuff that’s been going on entertainment wise because there is just so much!

First order of business, EMMA WATSON’S HAIRCUT.

I’m not really sure what my opinion on this is. I kind of like it, and I definitely think she can get away with it, and I applaud her braveness, but… I do kind of think she looked prettier with the long locks. Though, I completely understand. She’s done with Hermione and wants to distance herself a little from that role since it’s what she’s been for the past many years. So, mostly I suppose I’m pro haircut. 🙂 You can see the haircut, (as well as read about it) here!

SECOND: roles are being cast for the American film version of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. Now, in case you hadn’t read my post on it, or I didn’t emphasize it enough, THESE ARE AMAZING BOOKS. They’re probably my favorites since I’ve read Harry Potter, to be honest (actually, maybe not, but they’re up there). I’m completely obsessed and if they screw it up I’ll cry. Also, if people think that it’s just a movie and there isn’t a book I’ll cry. I’ve seen part of the Swedish movie (but then my dad started reading the books and I have to wait for him to finish so we can watch them together) and so far it was excellent. The people they cast were perfect, and I’m so very skeptical about America’s ability to not fuck this up. SO FAR, Daniel Craig has been cast as the journalist Michael Blomkvist, and Stellan Skarsgard as Mark Wanger. So far, I approve. I love Daniel Craig and I think he’s an excellent Bond, so I think he can definitely pull off the role, and Skarsgard is an excellent actor I’ve seen in a variety of roles (you would know him from Good, Will Hunting and Ronin) and I think that he even LOOKS like what I imagined, so that ones good. So far so good. If they screw up Lisbeth Salander, I’ll die. I simply will. The movie will be directed by David Finch (who did Fight Club, one of my favorite movies EVER) so I’m pretty optimistic. Which is bad. I really need to lower my expectations.

Daniel Craig

The Swedish Mikael Blomkvist (Michael Nyqvist)

Stellan Skarsgard

Hm… soo those were my main points. Mad Men is back on and thriving so I’m very excited about that. I think I’ll do a separate post about it later though because there is just so much to talk about. It’s incredible, and so far this season has been even more amazing than the last. Jon Hamm was on the cover of Parade (which is part of the Boston Sunday Globe) so if you live in the area, you should check it out.

This isn’t really news, but I like things like this so you should go check it out, because I think it’s fun. Go see “it” here!

Also, this really upsets me because I LOVE Daniel Craig, and I really loved the first Bond movie (the second one was good too, but not as good as the first). I was really hoping that the third would go back to being like the first, kick ass as ever, fast-paced, confusing to the point of not understanding anything, but still AMAZING. Read here about the tragedy that is occurring.

Entertainment Weekly’s website is a great place for all things going on media-wise. I really recommend it.

So, I guess that’s it for the meantime. I usually go to see a bunch of movies in North Carolina, so you might be seeing a post soon, BUT don’t expect it! What you can do, is go back to all of my previous posts and comment on them because a) it helps me with what to change about my blog to make it better and b) makes me feel good that people are actually reading it! SO COMMENT FOOLS.

Hope your summer is going well, and that the last few weeks are just as amazing as the beginning.

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Detail, sparkle hut!

As my lack of blogging indicates, I have been away for the past few days. I just returned today from what is known as DMA (Drum Major Academy). Since I’m going to be the drum major of my marching band next year, it’s a definite necessity to learn to conduct, march and lead properly! Well, if you know anything about marching band it’s all about the intensity and as any good marching band camp should, this one truly breeds compassion and intensity about the band. I am so pumped, it’s hard to explain. It was a fantastic experience though. Extremely intense (waking up at 6 and returning to dorms at 11) it was extremely exhausting. My arms hurt so much from conducting and I’m completely sun burnt from standing in the sun for hours at a time. George N. Parks is a terrific leader who has so much energy I’m sometimes not sure how to respond to him! Daily routine includes march-offs, conducting and learning different marching commands. My absolutely favorite is the salute. I can not wait to get in front of an audience at a football game and salute, having the audience cheer for me. I really hope that I’m a good drum major–so wish me luck!

I don’t know if this happens to other people (probably) but when something that I’m passionate about and part of is in movies, I’m always like, OH!! I DO THAT!! and you get so excited?! Yes!! So, because I’m so high on marching band right now, I’m going to go through some movies that have marching bands in them (some of them only appear for a minute, but since there aren’t really that many movies about marching bands, we’re going to have to deal). Detail, begin post!

Drumline (2002): This movie isn’t the greatest, I have to admit. Starring Nick Cannon and Zoe Saldana, it’s just fun if you’re in a band. Of course, it focuses on the drum line (which is the part the drums are in, incredibly, not the rest of the band) so if you’re not a percussionist it’s a little, well.. it leaves something to be desired, but it is fun. It’s really the only movie I know about marching bands and their intensity and what they’re all about, so I have to give it props for that. I think my band has watched this together multiple times every season, so it’s a band staple.

Never Been Kissed (1999): This movie is fantastic for so many reasons. Drew Barrymore, REALLY hot love interest who faded out and is no longer famous (Michael Vartan), cheesy ending, romantic storyline, improbable occurrences, really cute, misleading ideas about love. It’s terrific. I am perfectly aware it is not about a marching band, but when Barrymore is trying to find her car there is a band practicing on the field, and if I remember correctly they are playing the Simpsons’ theme song (quite horridly I might add). Not all bands are that bad people. Really. If you don’t believe me, go look at this band. Or this band. And this band too.

10 Things I Hate About You (1999): There are, again, SO many reasons this movie is amazing. Heath Ledger, Shakespeare references, cute, amazing ending, misleading ideas about love, cheesy and adorable (and a shot to the heart of any hopeless romantic), and Heath Ledger. When Ledger serenades Julia Stiles at her soccer rehearsal he gets a marching band to play the background music to his lovely singing. It’s hardly a movie about marching bands, but don’t you love those moments when you’re watching and go HEY I DO THAT!! Like when the town you live in is mentioned in a movie? (Every time something is filmed or set in Boston, it’s like they did it for us, you know?). I love it. Great movie.

So far that’s all I have for marching bands. Of course, I could go through a pick out a million movies like the last two I talked about with glimpses of marching bands, but these stick out (probably because I love the two movies SO MUCH). What makes you excited when you watch a movie? What makes you go, OH YEAH!! when you watch?

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