OBX Edition

I have finally acquired some internet connection on this lovely island, and am going to take advantage of this beautiful moment to write a blog post!

Since I haven’t seen any movies down here (since really there wasn’t anything to see until today and instead of going to a movie I went to… the beach) I think I’ll do a what I’m diggin’ post, okay? Good.

The Beach: I have been coming down to the Outer Banks since I was REALLY young, and it’s my second home (sometimes it feels like my first). Although the main road, as charming as it is, could be located on Rt 1 in Natick, MA, the beach is absolutely beautiful and I can’t get enough of the smooth sand, warm water and big waves.

Showering Outside: As weird as this sounds, almost every single house along the beach (since our house is right ON the beach) is equipped with at least one outdoor shower. Of course, I think the main purpose for these is to wash off sand after coming up from the beach, I have taken advantage of the opportunity (and have for many years) to shower outside. There is something so freakin’ awesome about showering outside, you really have to just try it out for yourself to fully understand.

Iced Tea: Yeah, Yeah, iced tea is everywhere. But is it? Living in the north, I have always been tea deprived. Whenever you ask for an iced tea in a restaurant the waitress gives you a look like you have four heads, or just came down from the sky, or something. But down here in the south, it is just as common as anything to ask for a nice sweet tea in any respectable place (and those that aren’t respectable also).

Reading: Although right now I am trying to finish up A Confederacy of Dunces for my AP English class (which is going dreadfully slowly because it is simply dreadful!) I love having time to read. After finishing Steig Larsson’s Millennium trilogy, I’ve been a little lost with what to read because I feel so much in love with those books, but I recently picked up a novel about illustrators in 14th century Istanbul which I love. What are you guys reading?

Pretending summer isn’t ending: I know that summer is coming to an end, and I know that I have massive amounts of work to do (three essays, a current events log, a Spanish play that’s over 100 pages with questions) I have been ignoring all of these responsibilities and been fully enjoying myself on vacation and at the beach.

I would write more, but of course, it’s late and I have other things to do (like watch The Nanny, which is currently my favorite late night amusement) so I’ll leave you with this. I hope that everyone’s summers went well and that they’re wrapping up nicely. I also hope that everyone else hasn’t ignored their summer work as dutifully as I have and that they aren’t completely freaking out over the amount of things that are left to do in the remaining two weeks. Since I’m in North Carolina for an entire week more, I shall be putting these things out of mind until absolutely necessary.


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