“How much do you need?” “How much have you got?”

Those intense eyes, strong chin, dark hair, tall figure, inquisitive eyebrows. It must be… Gregory Peck! I just finished watching Roman Holiday (for probably the millionth time) and I can’t say there has ever been such a great leading man as Gregory Peck. Though, there are a few I might consider, he is possibly number one.

There is no way to review a film that takes place in Rome, stars Gregory Peck and Audrey Hepburn, and is a romance. It just can’t be done. Because the only thing to say is that it’s brilliant, sad and fabulous. I think that’s all I will say.

Now there are multiple ways this post could go. Either I could talk about Gregory Peck and other leading men I love including Jimmy Stewart, Tony Curtis, and how I’m not in love with Cary Grant, or I could talk about Audrey Hepburn, her eternal appeal, beauty and childlike wonder, then go on to say how Breakfast at Tiffany’s makes me sob, or I could talk about the romance in Roman Holiday, how it also has eternal appeal for it’s overall themes, and the way it makes my heart ache, not only because of the love that can not be complete, but because of the city itself and my love for travel and Italy. But, I think I will leave it there, because I think that there is good enough.


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