Film Festivals and other things…

As I have yet to figure out how the hell I get my blogroll to work (every time I try it just comes up with my blog, and which you can imagine is not what I want), I would like to share with all my fellow Bostonians a website entitled The Loaded Gun ( It talks about all of the movies being filmed around Boston, and if there are any, where they’re filming, who’s in them, etc. It’s pretty cool, and once I headed down to Chinatown on it’s suggestion and saw Matt Damon and Martin Scorsese filming The Departed, so not bad.

Another thing to throw out there is the Boston Film Festival! My uncle was in it last year which is why I went (he has a fabulous movie out called The Definition of Insanity, that I highly recommend) and this year the festival is back. If you click here!!! you can see dates, what movies are when, and how to buy tickets. A lot of them actually look pretty interesting, and one of them entitled It’s Kind of a Funny Story I’ve seen some ads for, and looks pretty good. I unfortunately won’t be able to go that weekend since I’m flying out to Northwestern (=() but make sure that you go see something good for me!!


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