New York, I Love You

No, no, I’m not declaring my love for the city on my blog. Though I do like the city a lot, it’s actually the name of this little, unknown film that I watched last night on a whim.

In a sort of Love Actually style, although much less intertwined, the movie is a series of small vignettes about people in the city. Each one is written by a different person, and each directed by another (one is directed by Natalie Portman, actually). It stars a billion people including (but not limited to) Bradley Cooper, Natalie Portman, Rachel Bilson, Hayden Christianson, Orlando Bloom, Shia LeBouf, Eli Wallach, and about one hundred others.

Each vignette is interesting, and there are a lot of them, so you don’t get bored with any of them, but that’s almost the problem. They aren’t long enough to really connect with, so just as you start finding them interesting they disappear and you’re left with something new. You aren’t given the opportunity to connect with any of the characters, and many of the vignettes begin and stay confusing when the back stories aren’t explained at all. Some are funny, some are happy, and some are sad. Originally based on a film called Paris, J’Taime, which I have no seem, I would love to see the original how it compares. The scenery is nice, but kind of limited, and the soundtrack a little bland.

Not a bad idea, and many of the vignettes had a nice premise, but overall, the movie didn’t flow as well as intended. I only really loved two of the segments, and others were nice or interesting, but not anything special.

In addition, I could not for the life of me figure out why these people would love New York, they’re simply living in it. The more appropriate title of the film shouldn’t been a lot of random stories that happen to take place in New York, which is a city that some of them may like.

Rating: 2/5 stars

Overall: A movie that should’ve been good, and presented itself as better than it was, it failed in it’s ability to connect the audience with the characters, and many of the segments are a little strange.


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