Just wanted to get it out there because I know that I have become a deadbeat blogger and it’s not that I want to, but with three AP classes and over 10 colleges to apply to, it’s becoming a little ridiculous.

This weekend I went to see two movies, and so, while I don’t have time for full on reviews I’ll give you the quick lowdown.

Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps: I love Michael Douglas. I love Carey Mulligan. I have affectionate feelings for Shia LeBouf (although I tend to still think of him as that kid from Disney channel on Even Steven…). And yet this movie was terrible. Although the preview was excellent, intense and fun, this movie lost momentum after the first few lines of dialogue. Long anyway, which is hard to pull off, this movie dragged on for forever. Definitely not a must see.

Easy A: Fantastic. I love Emma Stone. I love literary references. And I love teenage romantic comedies. Absolutely perfect. Funny and smart, this movie hit head-on. THIS is a must-see.

By the way, if you’re thinking, wow a teenager liked a teenage rom-com more than a drama about Wall Street, and thinking that my opinion isn’t valid because of this and that I simply like young movies, let me direct you, my friends, to the rotten tomatoes website, where Wall Street has received a 56% and Easy A an 85%. Yeah, that’s right. Not that  need evidence to back up my opinion, but… it’s always nice.You may also want to direct yourselves over to pretty much any form of media that reviews films. Go read a bit.

Anyway, I’m hoping that I can get to actually reviewing movies again some time because I miss spewing my opinions at you guys and you not caring at all. Oh wait, I don’t really miss that last part…

Anyway, Boardwalk Empire is on tonight, as well as Mad Men. Let me give you a quick low-down on those as well.

Boardwalk Empire: I love Steve Buscemi.  I love the 20s. I LOVE Martin Scorsese. And yet, I didn’t really love this show’s pilot. The whole thing is a little too scripted, a little too over the top, and a little too… well… fake. I like the idea, and Buscemi isn’t bad, but they’re all just, acting. It’s a little stiff. I’ll watch tonight and hope it improves and give you guys the feedback on the second one. I’m rooting for it, I really am, so don’t think I’m prejudiced in the negative, because I’m not, I promise.

Mad Men: There is nothing t say. Excellent. Fabulous. The most amazing show onTV. Jon Hamm. 1960s.  Is there really anything else to say? If you don’t like Mad Men, you’re not welcome at my blog so, go skedaddle. If you do like Mad Men, then I invite you keep on reading. And if you haven’t watched it, GO. NOW.

Well off to watch TV and “do homework”. Haha, isn’t that always a joke?


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