The Social Network

The “facebook movie”. As I try to sit here and write about this movie there really is only one thing that compares to it’s media explosion, to it’s hype and seemingly omnipresence. I think you know what I’m thinking. Yes, that’s right, the ever ironic, facebook.

What they say is true, this movie is excellent. While all reviews I’ve read have given it 5 out of 5 stars (crowns, or spades, or whatever else you would use to rate), 100 out of 100, or A , out of, well… you know, I would likely assign it a 4.5 stars (etc), 93 out of 100 and an A- out of, well, the alphabet. And though I’m starting like this, don’t stop here, because you’d get the wrong idea

Opening with a scene between the creator and his girlfriend, a fast paced dialogue in which Mark shows himself to be an asshole, and his girlfriend declares that he is in fact an asshole, the majority of the movie is fast, smart and fun. While half the time I have no idea what they’re talking about in terms of computers, etc, it doesn’t matter–and the movie isn’t really about the technology behind it, which is what makes it genius.

Whether the founding of facebook actually was filled with as much sex, drugs and rock & rock as this movie portrays it as remains to be seen, but it sure does make for a good story. The reason that I do not think it was a perfect 10 out of 10, was that at times I found it was slow. In many of the interludes to the trial the dialogue was… well, slower, with quirky, funny interjections from Mark, although these were relatively few.

Overall, the movie was great. I realize, as I tried to explain the plot of the movie to a few unfortunate listeners, that it sounds kind of boring… bland even. But there’s something about the preview that’s gripping, maybe it’s the music (I think the music definitely is a huge factor) and maybe it’s the real draw of facebook–maybe we’re not just addicted to this website of information sharing, but addicted to the whole concept of facebook, everything about it. We’re information junkies, and maybe since we’ve always acquired all the information we can (or care about) about our fellow classmates, and fellow humans, even those we don’t know, we’ve moved on to information about the site itself, the source of 98% of procrastination, 88% of scandal, 97% of highschool gossip, and 100% of useless information about our friends’, and not friends’, lives. As Timerblake’s character states, we are living online.

Overall: Some boring sections, but mostly great–fast paced, with good dialogue, full of raw, not overdramatic, emotion.

Rating: 4.5/5 stars


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