I’m working on a post about the The Town, which I saw yesterday and in case you were debating seeing it and needed someone to tell you something quickly and can’t wait for my full review, GO. That’s that.

So I realized that I blogged about Boardwalk Empire a few weeks ago and never updated my opinions. Here’s the thing…

Boardwalk Empire: The first episode was… not bad, but not good either. It was over the top and way too much of a period piece, it was like a exaggeration of a characterature of the ’20s. Although, it did get better. As the show has moved on, it has toned down. Although, it still has that scripted, none of this is real feel which makes a lot of it hard to watch. The actors are good, and the dialogue is fine, but there’s something about it that makes the whole thing awkward, like they’re all waiting for each other to say their lines. The set is beautiful–it wasn’t filmed in Atlantic City but the Boardwalk they created is really nice, and very stylized, which for this isn’t so bad. Buscemi is good, and I really like him as an actor. The only problem is I really don’t like the main (besides my man Steve) guy. He’s an arrogant, asshole back from war who can’t find anything else to talk about BESIDES the war. Okay, so we know that you were in World War I and you’re feeling lost because you guys are the “lost generation”. We also know that Hemingway and Fitzgerald portrayed you far better in classic books in which this lost generation went to Europe (like they really did), drank themselves to death and say around pretending they were writers or artists or some other bullshit because they couldn’t figure out what to really do with their lives. This show, does none of this. I would leave this topic to Hemingway if I were the writers of this show, and I don’t even LIKE Hemingway.

The show is fine, and I’m not trying to completely bash it down or anything, and it’s find to watch on a Sunday night if nothing else is on. But, may I recommend Mad Men to you? This is a far better period piece, one which I would not miss an episode for if it meant losing a limb. Well….. maybe not losing a limb. But go for it, see what you think.



I’ll try to get that other post out as soon as possible. But you know, with applying to college, taking many AP classes and trying not to feel totally sleep deprived, it’s a little difficult.


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