My Bed Side Table

So I know this isn’t movie related, but I really haven’t seen any movies lately. It’s a play off of the, what’s in your purse thing, only I realized that when I went through my purse all that was in there were my keys, wallet and phone. So that’s kind of extremely boring. My bedside table on the other hand, is pretty interesting! I’m also thinking of doing another one of these with my desk, so keep your eyes open for that!

The overall table. Kind of a mess, no?

My original copy of The Great Gatsby, only my favorite book of all time by my favorite author of all time. Not a big deal. The others are fabulous too. I Always have a Margaret Atwood near by.

iPod! To be honest I don’t really use it that much since I have my computer in my room… The ladybug ear buds? SO CUTE! From Prague 🙂 The others are Bose. Very very excellent, they come highly recommended.

Chapped lips, anyone? DCT is amazing.

The basic necessities. My hair brush I ALWAYS have to have. Having thin, blonde hair, it is essential I brush my hair multiple times a day you should see the rat nest it turns into.

LOTIONS!! Pink Grapefruit is the best lotion of all time.

Ah, the candles. One is the essence of fall (which I need to get me through the rest of the year), another is a candle, and a body lotion when melted, and the last is a calming lavender.

The retro! Haha. I use this mostly to fall asleep because I like listening to music to help. Currently in there? The Pride and Prejudice soundtrack. On top? The Ciderhouse Rules soundtrack.

Nightmare Before Christmas lamp–when I was still obsessed with this movie I got this little baby for Christmas. Although I’m not obsessed anymore (I still love the movie though) it has served me well many years. Oh yeah, and my Audrey Hepburn sun glasses. Those are essential.

Alarm clock. Pretty much my death. (And yes,  did take these pictures are 12:33 AM)

And now underneath the table. Seem like a lot of books? That’s because it is. Not only are there the books that you see here, but they continue behind the ones you see to the wall behind the table, and  I have a whole book shelf in my closet with probably a hundred more books. It’s a bit of an addiction.


Well, I hope that was kind of interesting! In terms of movies I think I’m gonna hit up Diner some time soon, and also some French film about a rabbi, but I’m not sure when that’ll happen. Plus, HARRY POTTER is coming up soon. Do you have your midnight tickets yet? Because I do.


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