New Computer

I just thought I’d share with the blogging world the entrance into my life of a new computer. An adamant hater of macs since a young age, I thought I would never switch over. I hated the formatting, I thought the keyboards were ridiculous, and I REALLY hated the fonts. But this was a misconception (…not so common as I’ve come to know). It’s true that I do hate the formatting and overall operating systems of macs–OLD macs. The ones at my school are horrendous! Even the ones that two or three years old I still wouldn’t own if someone paid ME to take one! They were more expensive AND I hated them. My trusty old HP was all that I needed–great formatting and a fantastic keyboard. Well as it turns out, those HPs that I relied on actually weren’t so trusty. My compaq before that failed on me multiple times wiping out all of my files, and my HP did that at least twice. It was a great computer, but it wasn’t reliable at all. That’s really what finally convinced me to switch over. Macs are for the long term, PCs for the short. They’re great, and they’re EXTREMELY cheaper, but they really aren’t what I need for going to college and writing all sorts of nonsense (considering I plan on being an English major). And so while I still love PCs, my new mac has all the affection that it could get from it’s new owner.

So, I welcome into my life a brand new Mac Book Pro, 15.4 inch. I haven’t named it yet, but I’ll start heading that way (I name everything… car? Grant. Guitar? Flloyd. Bass? Syd. Clarinet? Edmund. Saxophone? Miles.) Maybe something along the lines of Stephen. Maybe John, James. Something simple, something classic. Any suggestions?

Well, until I see an actual movie I’ll keep on with these ridiculous not movie related at all posts. I think a cartoon might be in the future… and Diner is definitely going to be in there somewhere, so keep your eyes open.

Oh, also! It’s NaNoWriMo. I with that I was participating, but to all of those out there good luck! November is my busiest month, and while I did hit submit on my early decision college application (PARTY), I still have 10 to go and all sorts of AP work. I wish that I could do it, but I’m kind of planning on setting aside a month later in the year (towards the end of school when I graduate) to do it myself. 50,000 words in a month? Sounds doable. Something to do in the summer months while I have nothing else to do but go to work (cringe) and go to the beach (not so cringe)? Sounds like a plan.



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2 responses to “New Computer

  1. Ari

    Oh, too bad you’re not wrimoing with us!

    • autumnlavish

      actually I think I’ve decided to but to set a different goal for myself, one I know that I can reach without killing myself.

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