The best way to spread Christmas cheer…

…is for singing loud for all to hear!

As to keep my mind off of the fact that I was rejected from college I shall not do a Christmas post! Christmas really is my favorite time of year–the lights, the presents, the tree, and of course, the movies! Here are some of my favorites.

Love Actually: This British film is one of my favorites, Christmas or not. Starring a million major stars such as Hugh Grant, Alan Rickman, Emma Watson, Colin Firth, and a million others. A intricately weaved story, of many different people in London around Christmas time. Some are falling in love, some out and some just want to get laid. It’s heart breakingly sad, and over joyous at the same time. And has fantastic music.

Elf: Who doesn’t love Will Ferrel in this movie? His child-like innocence and naive nature make him so sweet and yet so hilarious at the same time. Short and sweet and to the point, this film is a classic. I’ve watched it a million times and it never gets old.

A Charlie Brown Christmas: Call me cheesy, but I love all of these old cartoons. Some of them are a little on the weird side (Santa Claus is Coming to Town definitely plays up on the Nazi theme and Rudolph is almost brutally sad) but Charlie Brown never fails to disappoint. With a soundtrack that is now the most played on my itunes, it’s sweet, and only about 20 minutes so perfect for the last minute holiday spirit fix.

Miracle on 34th Street: And I do not mean the new one. If you even think of picking up a copy of this film that Natalie Wood is not in shame on you! This is another classic of cinema, an absolutely timeless film. Natalie Wood is amazing as a child and the entire story is so well-done. A full-length feature film, this one is good for long, cold Saturdays with hot chocolate.

It’s a Wonderful Life: To be honest, I’ve seen this movie so many times I don’t even know if I like it anymore, but I’m pretty sure I love it. Jimmy Stewart is one of my favorites and gives a heart breaking performance in this classic. Although I’ve always felt the ending was a little tacked on (the movie really is very very sad, and they kind of throw on a happy ending) I simply can’t resist smiling when a bell rings now.

So that’s it for now. I might add some on later as the holidays grow closer, and keep your eyes out for Christmas releases. Wishing you the merriest holidays 🙂


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  1. Daniella

    Wife dearest, I must correct you! Emma Watson was not in Love Actually……sorry. But Emma Thompson was! And they have the same birthday and they both play characters in the Harry Potter movies so I get where you went wrong. /end HP-nerd rant

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