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After about an hour of admiring other people’s blogs and catching up on friend’s posts I should’ve seen weeks ago I realized that I haven’t blogged in ages! To be honest, I’m not really in the mood to talk about movies–which I know I should be, since I’ve seen three movies in theaters and countless others at home, but now that I’ve told oyu that you have something to look forward to in the upcoming posts. Right now, I’d rather talk about… well, I’m not really sure. Let’s see what we can muster up…

Christmas: Ah, Christmas. What we all wait for year-round. Christmas is probably my favorite day of the year, and the month leading up to Christmas is even better in my opinion. My biggest Christmas gifts? A new saxophone case (woo…), two faux furr coats, and a droid! Although I loved my blackberry, it really was out of date and not cutting it anymore. My new droid pro is amazing. I could not be happier and definitely recommend it to all.

New Years: The new year… Today I read an interesting article about New Years, all the hype it’s given and how it’s usually a let down. Although this year I don’t have a sparkly dress and I won’t be going out partying, I am going into Boston for First Night! My friend Kendra and I are heading in, going to watch the parade and fireworks, and then kind of wander around to see what we find. A party in Copley Square?? Very possible. Will we be there? Hellz yeah.

Vacation: Vacation is one of the best–to be honest, I sometimes get a little stir crazy and also lazy (as in I should’ve been practicing clarinet every day because I have an audition for all-states in three weeks and I don’t know any of the scales yet or the piece at all WOOO). No big deal. But sleeping? Win. Reading all sorts of books that I never have time for? Excellent. Buying more books I will not have time to read later? Perfect.

Well I think that’s all I have for now. I know it’s not a lot, but it’s something, right? Look forward to blogs about: The King’s Speech, True Grit (the original and new), The Fighter, A Streetcar Named Desire, Kramer vs. Kramer, and maybe a few others. If that doesn’t give you something to be excited about, I don’t know what will.



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