A Smattering of Films

Okay, so I really am not finding the ambition and motivation to get my act together to write a blog post each one of the films I saw. So here goes a post on ALL of them.

True Grit: The original–this movie was bad bad bad. From the opening with Glen Campbell singing (kill me) to the extremely annoying, precociously obnoxious girl who played Maddi, to the then worse score that accompanied the film, this was bad news. Didn’t even make it through the movie.

True Grit*: The remake–this movie was fantastic. A fantastic cast including Jeff Bridges, Josh Brolin and Matt Damon, the film was terrific. Significantly faster than the original, the acting is simply better. The actress who plays Maddi Ross is terrific–although still ambitious, she is not annoying in any sense and you really want her to succeed. It’s a gritty film, the score is absolutely perfect–the West at it’s perfection. In true fashion, it is a Coen brother film so watch out for blood and guts if it’s not your fancy.

The Fighter*: Another fantastic movie. Christian Bale was the best I’ve ever seen him–although his story ends well, he is absolutely heart-wrenching, so upsetting and moving. In addition, he lost so much weight that if you didn’t know he was an absolute heart-throb in other films, you’d be a little put-off to say the least.  Mark Whalberg is also great, and Amy Adams does a pretty fantastic job in a very uncharacteristic role for her. Overall, another brilliant Boston film, following in the footsteps of films such as Good Will Hunting and The Town, although completely different (And Ben Affleck isn’t in them…).

The King’s Speech*: I hate to go against public opinion here, but I really thought this film was boring. Geoffrey Rush and Colin Firth were both fantastic–terrific actors at their best, and yes, it will win a ton of awards, but overall, I found the movie to be slow-paced, predictable, and not great. There were some good scenes, but it was a rather boring film overall. Maybe worth seeing though for the Oscar-lovers, definitely a film that will be talked about.

Okay, now that I’ve updated you on the new films, here a random batch of old movies that I watched recently:

A Streetcar Named Desire: A classic. I mean, I can’t really say anything more than what’s been said about this film for the last however many years it’s been out. Although Marlon Brando is great, it really is Blanche’s film, and Vivien Leigh is absolutely stunning, in an overwhelmingly depressing and tragic role. A must-see.

Kramer vs Kramer: Never listen to my mom when she says that it’s a “feel-good movie” because I have no idea what she’s talking about. While not feel-good, it is good. Dustin Hoffmann and Meryl Streep are both terrific, as is the boy who plays their absolutely adorable beyond belief son. Both of them are tragic in their own way, and while the movie does have a “happy ending” it’s a little thrown on, so be prepared for some good-old fashioned sobbing. Overall, fantastic, just be in the right mood.


*–Oscar Contender

Sorry it took me so friggin’ long to get those post out. I have had some serious blogger’s block for the past week or so. Now that it’s out though, it’s one hell of a post, so I think it makes up for the delay. Hope everyone had some pretty awesome holidays. Welcome to the new year.


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