Dual Post

Okay, so apparently I’ve become the laziest blogger on the planet (other than those who don’t blog… since that’s not laziness that’s simply insolence) and I’ve decided to do two movies in this one post. One new, one old, a nice contrast… go read.

Blue Valentine: Okay, quick and simple–waste of time. The overall idea is nice–a kind of leveling, depressing romance starring Ryan Gosling and Michelle Williams. Well, it didn’t really pan out so well. The movie overall is very stylish, very indie, seems like it probably did very well at film festivals (I don’t know if it actually did, this is simply an inference). The story follows the relationship of two people who are falling apart in the present day–but the biggest problem? They never belong together. From the start, you want to yell at the screen, what are you doing?! And I’m all for the whole romantic, breaking the boundaries because of love ideas, but because the movie portrayed their relationship in such a real world atmosphere, there is no room for these fairy-tales and inconsistencies. The movie simply doesn’t flow. Because of this vital flaw, you never really care about them as individuals and in fact kind of want their relationship to fail because it would be better for both parties. Overall, not a great film. Depressing, flawed and a little boring, not recommended.

The Philadelphia Story: This on the other hand, is fantastic. A story of a love triangle of sorts starring Katharine Hepburn, Jimmy Stewart, and Cary Grant, the movie ends on a high-note. As the story goes, the film builds up momentum, and while some films run out of steam at the end, leaving you with a feeling of disappointment and let-down, this movie is the opposite. The non-musical version of the musical High Society, the film circles around Hepburn, a well-to-do Philedalphian, divorced from Grant and being investigated by a writer-turned journalist who’s fed up with the media, Stewart. Hepburn hates Grant, but Grant still loves her, she’s marrying someone else completely wrong for her, Stewart detests the rich, yet slowly falls for Hepburn, but he’s dating someone else, and they all need a story for the newspaper. It’s simply delightful–a feel good film for the most part, funny, and classic. Definitely recommended. Did I mention that I’m also without a doubt completely in love with Jimmy Stewart? If not, then you really ought to read my blog more.

Today is a snow day–go watch something I’ve told you to, it’s the perfect opportunity and you know you want to.


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