Golden Globes

Hope you all enjoyed the Golden Globes this year. The clothing was probably the best part and I will probably do a post on that in not so long.

A list of all the winners is here:

The Social Network won best movie, which wasn’t surprising and I definitely think it deserved it, a lot of great people involved. David Fincher won best director, and the two of those usually go hand in hand so that was good. He was one of my favorite directors so I was happy with that. Colin Firth won best actor, which I thought was good and he deserved it. Almost everyone in the category, except for Gosling, was fantastic, so really I would have been happy with any of them. Natalie Portman won best actress which was great–the movie was stunning and she really was at her best, absolutely amazing. Christian Bale won best supporting for The Fighter, and his role was truly heart-wrenching, an absolutely perfect job done by him. Glee won a lot of awards, which was fine I suppose, I just wish they didn’t have to play Journey every time they did because it was driving me nuts. Clare Danes won for Temple Grandin, and considering it was the only one in the category I had seen I thought that was good. She was really good, but I had really nothing to compare it to…

I think that’s all I really have to comment on.

I think I’ll get started on that other post now actually…


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