No Strings Attached

I went the other day to this film with a bunch of girlfriends with mediocre expectations, but I realized that I didn’t need them.

The movie stars Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher as two long-time friends who decide to add “with benefits” to the end of their relationship. It’s one of the best romantic comedies that I’ve seen in awhile, and lived up to it’s hype.

Portman is even better after seeing her in Black Swan–knowing the serious character she can play, her comedic role in this movie is even better. Probably my favorite moment of the movie is her screaming “You look like a pumpkin, bitch!” as a group of spray-tanned woman. Absolutely hilarious.

Kutcher lives up to his expectations too–he has an adorable personality, and although he plays the same character is almost every movie I’ve seen him in, it’s a matter of whether the role works for him or not and it definitely does in this flick.

Another thing that I always love, if when my car is featured in a movie. Although the car isn’t EXACTLY my model, he has a 1987 5 series BMW, and while mine is a 3 series, I still loved seeing a car that’s almost mine speed around on screen. At some point, Kutcher calls it “just an old BMW” and I wanted to scream at the screen, it’s not just an old BMW! It’s a beautiful, antique, reliable car! Just another bonus to this delightful movie.

As I am aware that this is kind of a fail post, because it’s kind of disjointed and all over the place, there isn’t much to say about the film. It’s very funny, and the plot-line makes sense and is at least a little bit original. I enjoy both of the main actors, and they do a fantastic job. Kevin Kline plays Kutcher’s father and does a simply hysterical job, probably one of my favorite characters in the movie.

So, here ends my schizophrenic blog post. Go see the movie.


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