Last night, I went to a dear friend’s of mine house and we watched The Social Network, my second time, obviously, as I’ve already reviewed the movie. I just wanted to share that it really does hold up. Eissenberg is fantastic, and his portrayal of Zuckerberg as someone with a clear hint of asbergers makes him the perfect asshole you feel bad for. The music is perfect, the script is quick, witty and smart, the acting is fantastic, and the cinematography is fantastic. Not to mention the screenplay, which jumps around in time, making it something to watch instead of learn, and it was directed by David Fincher (Fight Club, Seven), how can you go wrong?

As my friend said , it will be “an iconic movie for our generation”. A testament to the film’s poignancy, after she also said “Like” to something, without even initially realizing it was a facebook reference. So,  I suggest you gather up your friends, get some popcorn (or ice cream), plop down on your coach, and hit the “watch” button.


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